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4 Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Looking to Invest in Virtual Currencies This Year

by Nina Smith

Given that you have some extra money which you are looking to invest with the preferences of a high yield to high risk ratio, investing in cryptocurrency might be the best option for you.

People have faced a lot during the last year, ranging from the global pandemic of coronavirus to its negative effects on the economy. However, as vaccines have just begun to rollout, and governments have started to ease the lockdowns, a new ray of hope and optimism has emerged for people at the beginning of this year, and people have started to believe that the year 2024 might be the better of the years for them, and things will finally get back to normal. However, in spite of the global impacts of the coronavirus, one area which not only benefited out of this turmoil but is also expected to perform even better is the sector of virtual currencies. And this sector is led by bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in terms of the market cap and price per coin, which ensures high yields to the investors holding these bitcoins. Keeping this in mind, it is vital for traders, investors and people of all backgrounds looking to invest in crypto to gain knowledge about this market in order to make the most of their investments in crypto, while lessening the mistakes which people before them have made, and lost millions. In this article, we have identified four mistakes you should avoid, given you are looking to invest in crypto this year. These four mistakes are as follows:

1.    Investing Without any knowhow of Crypto

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One of the most important things to understand, and not just while investing in crypto assets, but in any financial asset, is to educate yourself about the dynamics and other important information regarding your investment. Spend time learning about crypto and equipping yourself with essential knowledge regarding it and the crypto market before you invest even a single penny in the market. You might lose a great amount of money if you are uneducated about crypto, as the crypto market can be very volatile and risky at times. Visit bitcoinprime.io to learn more about cryptocurrency trading and how to make great profits through auto trading bitcoins.

2. Do not consider Digital Currencies as Foolproof

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One common misconception of beginner investors is believing that encryption means total full-proof 100% security. It should be known that just the term encryption attached with a virtual currency does not make it 100% secure. Although payments of crypto become confidential via encryption, this does not imply that these virtual currencies cannot be stolen or hacked.

It is also worth mentioning that given these digital currencies are decentralized, which can be beneficial for investors in some ways. It also means that there is no authority to report to, in case you lose your crypto to a hack attack or get it stolen. Therefore, you should know that it is your sole responsibility to keep your crypto safe.

3. Do not invest in only one digital currency

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BTC is the leader of all the virtual currencies in the market right now, and it has been this way since the beginning of crypto. Although currently BTC is performing really well and has been on a bullish trajectory for some time, there are chances that this uptrend could plummet, and cause great amounts of losses at a specific time. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is by diversifying your investment portfolio. Besides BTC, there are several other crypto, such as Ether and Altcoins which can offer you great amounts of profits while reducing the overall risk. Therefore, it is very important to know that do not put all your wealth into just one asset, which might cause you to lose it all in case something wrong happens with that particular crypto.

4. Be aware of the financial calculations involved with dealing in crypto

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You should be completely aware of the financial calculations involved with crypto asset investments. One major aspect you should be very aware of and target is the profit potential associated with the investment in bitcoin by the end of this year, as the price of BTC is expected to greatly increase during this year. Due to this, it is vital to be aware of and paying attention to the financial math and calculations, as without it, you would be unable to calculate the accurate gains you might make.

One example of financial math involved with crypto assets is the transaction processing costs and charges. Given that there can be a tremendous amount of volatility in crypto, one thing you should really be aware of mathematically is the transaction costs, as they can bite out a significant chunk from your profits. Another example of calculations could be the taxes involved while trading in the crypto market as well.


It is common to see the values of altcoins rise following the rise in bitcoin’s values. By looking at these general ongoing trends, it would be fair to assume and expect that the digital currencies will fare well during the current year of 2024.

However, it should be known that investing in digital currencies is very similar to investing in any other type of financial asset or commodity, as both can end in big amounts of losses if the person investing is not properly educated and aware of the market dynamics of crypto. Although the underlying volatility in crypto can enable traders to make huge gains, these profits do come at a cost. Therefore, it is essential to know the proper method and way to enter the crypto market and invest in the digital assets. Also, one should have a strong heart and will while entering this market, because as crypto allows you to make huge profits, the cost at which they come is the underlying high volatility and risks – which the investors and traders should be absolutely ready and prepared for, at any stage of their investment. Investing is really interesting and taking risk is something which we should try. Investing in the gold is also something which attracts attention currently and websites such as bullionboxsubscriptions.com, can be good for beginners.