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What Is The Best And Fastest Method For Data Recovery – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Losing or deleting files for your laptop is probably one of the worst things that can happen. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about important business files or personal photos, or videos that have sentimental value. It is probably everyone’s worst nightmare. Maybe you have been working on a school paper for weeks, and now everything is lost.

This can happen due to a number of reasons. Maybe you did it accidentally, or you picked up a virus online that wiped everything. However, this is not the end. There are several methods you can use to recover the data, and we will discuss some of them in the following article.

What is the best method?

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People have different opinions about this question. Some would argue that you should take your laptop to a professional and let them complete the task. They would say that it is the safest method because professionals have done this dozen if not hundreds of times, so you wouldn’t have to worry whether they would be successful or not.

Yes, this is true, but if you are tech-savvy, you can also do it on your own. There are some things you can try free of charge, and we will discuss these later on. Nevertheless, our advice is to use third-party data recovery software. You would be surprised to learn how many people face the same challenge, which is why, nowadays, there are many apps designed to help you to get all the files back.

Now, the trick is to find data recovery software that can offer all the features you need and that is also easy to use. For example, it needs to be compatible with numerous devices, support different file formats, and scan the drive for potential viruses. These are some of the essential features, but you can learn more about additional ones on soouya.com.

What are some free methods?

When it comes to the previously discussed method, you need to purchase the software. The price naturally varies between the developers and the features the apps include. However, there are also some tricks you can try to recover the data. Going over these is quick and simple. Still, keep in mind that none of these may work, and if this turns out to be the case, third-party software is probably your best chance.

Look at the recycle bin

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As you know, every time you delete anything from your laptop, it goes straight into the recycle bin, so this is the first place you should check. If you are not in the habit of emptying the recycle bin regularly, the chances are the files are still there. Once you find them, select them, right-click on them, and choose Restore. Now, all the documents will be restored to the original location, that is, the folder that held them.

Undo Delete function

Not many people are aware that this Windows function even exists. The truth is that it is even easier to get files back this way when you delete them. Open the folder that contained the documents, right-click to see the drop-down menu, and choose the Undo Delete button. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you can use this function only immediately after deleting files. If you turn off or restart the laptop, this feature won’t be available, and you will have to restore them from the recycle bin.

Use File History Backup

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You may not know this, but Windows has a feature that automatically backups every file you create or add to your laptop. Usually, it only works with Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Videos, and Music folders, but you can change the settings and include any folder that you want. Also, this trick works for permanently deleted files, meaning if you emptied the recycle bin, you should try this method.

The first thing you have to do is open the Windows Explorer and find the folder that held the deleted documents. When you open the folder, right-click anywhere, and choose the Previous Versions tab. Here, you may find a list of backup options, so you should open them to find the files you are looking for. Once you do, all that is left is to click on the Restore button.

Try the Previous System Restore Point

This is another cool feature that can prove to be essential when it comes to data recovery. What does it do? Well, basically, it enables you to restore the computer to a previous point and undo all the changes made, or in our case, get all the files back.

The easiest way to find this feature is to type “create a restore point” in the search window, and select System Restore. Once again, you may be presented with a few points, so choose the right one, click Next, confirm your choice, and click Finish. Now, your laptop will restart so that the Windows can undo all the changes and restore the system to a previous point.

System Image feature

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Lastly, you can go with this Windows function. However, keep in mind that you cannot use it to recover specific files, but instead, System Image will restore the entire operating system. Due to this reason, you should use this method only as a last resort.

Firstly, open the Settings folder, select Update & Security, and click on Recovery. You will find it at the bottom of the list of options in the Update & Security menu. Go to Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, find the See more recovery options, and lastly, System Image Recovery. Now, you have to choose a System Image backup file, and when you click on Next, select additional restore options. Go over all the details, and if everything seems okay, choose Finish to initiate the process.

Wrapping up

To sum up, there are the most commonly used data recovery methods. As you can see, you can try to restore the deleted files via any of the above-mentioned features and functions. However, even though these are free, purchasing data recovery software may still be the best option to complete this task successfully without risking losing anything else.