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Merax Vs Dxracer Comparison – Which Is Better For You?

by Elsa Stringer

At the first glance, the only difference between Merax and DXRacer gaming chairs is the price tag. DXRacer goes for more than $100 more than Merax. Is that a price worth paying?
When considering a new gaming chair, you need to take your height into the account. DX Racer has chairs series designed for people of different height. DXRacer Formula series is for people under 5’10” (178 cm). DXRacer Racing is for people up to 6’1″ (185 cm) and King Series up to 6,2″ (188 cm). finally, there is Tank Series for bigger people up to 6’6″.



Merax, on the other hand, doesn’t have chairs specifically designed for various height. They have a lot of models, but all of them are different and you have to try them out to find the one that fits you perfectly. That is why we recommend Merax for people under 6’2” and DXRacer for taller people.

As far as weight goes, if you are above 250 pounds, stay away from Merax and go with DXRacing instead.
Merax chairs are made of quality materials that are easy to keep clean. The chairs are very comfortable and nice-looking.
DXRacing chairs are well-designed and the moment you open the box you get a sense of quality about them.



As far as comfort goes, DXRacing is a clear winner. This is one aspect when it is easy to see why they are so much more expensive than Merax. DXRacer uses more foam in their chairs and it shows as soon as you sit in one.

The final verdict depends on your build. If you are an average size guy, Merax will suit you just fine and there is no need to shell out extra cash. For bigger and heavier people, DXRacing is a must. Merax just can’t handle that extra weight and will be very uncomfortable.

Merax Vs Dxracer