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Men’s Leggings – The New Trend In Men’s Fashion World

by Tracy Finke

Let us introduce the luxury of owning comfort, the pinnacle of style, and irresistible charm. Proudly presenting “meggings: The new trend in men’s fashion for all the right reasons.”

“Fashion has to reflect who you are and who you want to be!” Valentine Aseyo, Founder of MATADOR MEGGINGS.

Fashion is a small word that combines years of evolution of how we think, choose, dress and feel. Long gone are the days when men used to abide by the “Society-defined fashion styles.” The redefined version of men’s fashion is long due, and meggings are here to settle the score! Always remember that wearing different cannot damage masculinity. If anything, it empowers. PERIOD.

Why are meggings (men’s leggings) trending, and why do you need them to revamp your personality?


With a rapid upward shift in the male fashion segment over the last few years, we realize that people are exploring, experimenting, and redefining their idea of comfort, fashion, sustainability, and crossing the barriers of taboos while looking SLEEK. Fashion is no longer stringent and inhibiting for men. the need to express one’s self through clothing is being given equal priority as clothes being functional.

Why should men use it?

Well, we apologize for the wrong question. It should be “Why shouldn’t men use it?” when you have all the good reasons to. But still, let’s dive deep and explore the origin story to understand why this piece must be in your wardrobe!

Approximately six years ago, while doing yoga, something caught the attention of a passionate yoga instructor.

The creator of meggings, was giving yoga classes to a group of females. As usual, the females were in leggings, and Valentine immediately thought: why do men not have access to fashionable and ultra-comfortable clothing alternatives like this?

He then started putting his efforts, time, and resources to create such a comfy piece keeping male anatomy in mind, and within no time, the brand came into existence. From ideas to execution and design to delivery, everything was set to create an alternative clothing choice that was about to hit the masses in no time.

Have a look at this infographic to learn about the benefits in detail.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should own a pair of meggings!

We firmly believe that comfort is only appealing when it takes care of your essentials, just as it takes care of your body. It offers an inner drawstring and non-slip waistband for a comfortable physical experience. It also comes with a modesty pad and a dedicated phone pocket.

Why do men like this product?

Source: matadormeggings.com

Meggings are a concept that redefines male fashion with a fusion of uniqueness, and a truckload of comfort.

While the style drives the demand to a certain extent, what keeps people coming back and asking for more is undoubtedly the premium quality fabric. The meggings are made with material for rough usage. Bench Press while feeling comfortable or parkour in style; it’s all up to you.

How are meggings different from other leggings for me?

It’s about style, look, and functionality. If meggings are to be the new-age bottomwear for men, they have to be functional. Valentine strategically designed meggings keeping this point in mind. Besides the functional aspects, meggings coem equipped with the no VPL technology that prohibits the visibility of your penis line. However, its all about personal choices so went ahead and made it removable, in case you want showcase the sexier side of yourself.

What sorts of activities meggings are suitable for?


If you are into sports, meggings will be nothing but a blessing. Sports activities include playing, stretching, flexibility, and a few other physical motions that need a comforting clothing solution.


Compression pants for men, also known as meggings, are a perfect choice to wear at the gym, as it balances the look, comfort, and style.

Adventurous Trips

Made with the idea of empowering masculinity, comfort, and individuality, meggings are the wardrobe section that you will go to when hitting an adventurous trip. It is sustainable, long-lasting, made for rough and tough use, and comes with its advantages.


Want to flex those calves with subtleness because you pushed yourself to “Not Skip The Legs Day?” Well, the meggings will be your perfect companion for that.


Let the paparazzi and the neighbors stare as you walk towards your destination with a pinch of boldness and comfort that effortlessly makes you look and feel good.

So to summarize it we can say it’s,

  • Fun: Something stylish. Something cool.
  • Functional: This multipurpose athleisure wear is unlike what we’ve seen so far. It is designed to prevent unwanted VPL (visible penis line). It comes with a modesty pad that ensures a comfortable experience.
  • Fashionable: Fashion that’s masculine.

“Meggings” The term sounds as astonishing as the product you are about to encounter.

Our Favorites

Arrow meggings

Vibrant. Arrow meggings.

Own this beautiful piece of fashion that’s a universal vibe. It’s not specific; thus, you can wear it anywhere to feel comfortable and look the utmost stylish.

Black/Red meggings

Simple. Astonishing. Confident

Ever heard less is more? Well, that’s the idea behind this gorgeous print. Be it your cycling session or just hitting the gym with buddies. Flaunt your uniqueness without speaking a word.

Gray Graffiti meggings

Source: matadormeggings.com

Own the streets with this fine piece. Walk, jog, run or just come home wrapped in comfort. This one is bound to make a style statement while you take a stroll.

Gray Camo meggings

Are you The Captain Hunk: The soldier in meggings? If yes, you should try this stylish Gray Camo Megging that works just like a superhero suit. When you wear it, you feel god-like, you look like a superhero, and the responsibility of taking forward the legacy of men’s fashion rests upon your shoulders!

Fashion is poetry written over lines with the designs as words. It allows individuals to express their art, emotions, passion, and perspective through colors, prints, and threads. Fashion is not entitled to any race, gender, community, or ethnicity.

Over the last few years, meggings has found its rightful audience that’s constantly expanding. Be it for Yoga, Gymming, Photoshoot, or trekking, there are many things one can do while flexing his physique in the most masculine way. Experience the fun with the guys. Hop on to the trend train.

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