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Top Tips to Manage Your Digital Eye Strain

by Edvard Berlusconi

Gadgets have become an essential part of our life, and whether we are working or not, we are bound to stick to them for extended periods. Digital eye strain, an emerging public health issue, is a condition characterised by visual disturbance and/or ocular discomfort related to the use of digital devices and resulting from a range of stresses on the ocular environment. Our busy schedule and mismanaged lifestyle often leave us with some vision troubles which are increasingly becoming an issue.

If you are experiencing such an issue, you must get yourself enrolled for the eye examination at the earliest. Your eyes are precious, and the experts at Advance Eye Care Center can provide the correct prescription and right eyeglasses that can aid your vision issues. Digital strain is one such problem that a magnitude of people suffers from. The good news is it can be successfully managed by some simple lifestyle-altering tips, which we have compiled as a list.


  1. Alter the brightness– The lighting should be adjusted so that your eyes are not affected by its glare directly. You can change the lighting as per the activities you are doing. If you are watching the television, a softly lit room will be comfortable for you. Similarly, while reading, focus the light on your book. This way, reading will be more comfortable. Moreover, adjust the brightness on your smartphones, especially if you are using them at night and in a dark room. Most of the smartphones these days have a Night Mode, which you should utilize to avoid straining your eyes
  2. Take frequent breaks– If you spend most of your time on a desktop, it will be better if you take frequent breaks in every 20 minutes and shift your focus on the distant object for at least 20-30 seconds. Or, you can take a quick 1 minute break and close your eyes to avoid seeing anything after every half an hour
  3. Limit your screen time– Since most of the jobs have a desktop, the time you spend on the screen increases throughout your day. To give some much-needed rest to your eyes, you can limit the personal time you spend on your devices such as mobile and play station so that your eyes do not overexert themselves during the weekdays
  4. Use a lubricant when necessary– For dry eyes, having a lubricant can help you solve many over the counter issues. Even when your eyes do not exhibit any symptoms, the application of a lubricant will keep your eyes healthy and prevent any upcoming issues from arising. However, it is essential that you get them prescribed only by your doctor before you start using them. Since a lubricant doesn’t use the preservatives, you can use them as frequently as required. They will provide relief to your eyes and keep your eyes well lubricated, especially if you are overexerting yourself
  5. Improve your surrounding air quality– Some simple lifestyle measures will prevent you from becoming the victim of dry eye syndrome. This includes changing your surrounding’s indoor air. In simple words, you can invest in a humidifier that will prevent the dry air, adjust the thermostat to reduce blowing air, and avoiding the smoky surroundings in your office/home environment
  6. Choose right eye accessories– Just as you are careful about your prescription, you should also select your eyewear carefully. If you have long digital screen work hours, you should get your contacts and eyeglasses designed that are suitable for working for a longer duration. You can take help from your optometrist for choosing eyewear for the same and also consider choosing a tint that will be most soothing for your eyes. Moreover, you should get your eyes checked every few months to ensure that the power of the spectacles/lenses hasn’t changed during the time

Also, you should follow some tips while using your desktop to make sure that your eyes stay healthy and decrease the strain of your eyes.


  1. Blink often– People tend to blink less while they work at a computer screen. Blinking is crucial to prevent the breakage of tear film in your eyes to prevent them from drying. Therefore, it is crucial that you blink as often as you can
  2. Keep a check on lighting– You can keep a check on the lighting in your surroundings. Avoid keeping your desktop in front of a window or white wall. Avoid too much overhead light bulbs. Use an adjustable lamp while reading. Add an antiglare film on your desktop. These measures will reduce the strain on your eyes
  3. Make screen settings alterations– You should enlarge the letters to make reading more comfortable to you. Also, you can change the brightness of your screen as per your comfort
  4. Have a healthy diet– By providing all the nutrition that is essential for your eyes, you will make your eyes healthy. This way, even after long working hours, you are less likely to suffer from pain and dry eyes. You can even add supplements if required; however, they must be prescribed by your eye care expert


By following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy for long. Prevention is the main strategy for management of digital eye strain. This includes ensuring an ergonomic work environment and visual hygiene practice through patient education. Take care of your eyes, and body regularly so that it can take care of you for years ahead.