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How To Make The Most Of Your Staircase

by Tracy Finke

It might not seem like a huge deal, but stairs are a focal point of any home, and can be very useful when it comes to storage.

With the right staircase you can make the most out of a small area, making it look a lot bigger and using it as a space to put all the clutter you don’t want anyone to see.

The design, style and color you choose for your stairs can really set the tone for the room, as well as helping you get the most out of every square inch you’ve got.

Many people don’t know where to start, so here’s a guide to help you get creative with your staircase.

Try space saving staircases

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Not all staircases have to be the main feature of a room and take up all the space you’ve got.

Space saving staircases are a great way to add storage to your home without sacrificing important space.

They take up a lot less space than regular stairs, and their sleek design provides plenty of storage underneath them.

These types of staircases are particularly popular when you’re building access to an attic or basement room and don’t want the hassle of foldaway stairs.

They’re also highly customizable and can be created in a variety of materials, meaning you can design them to match your home and existing staircases.

Whether you want a solid oak effect, or a more modern mix of wood, metal and glass fusion, there’s a style for you.

Make the most out of the extra space with drawers

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If you’re struggling for space but need a staircase fitted, there are storage options available to make sure there’s no wasted space in your home.

A great option is to build drawers into your staircase.

It’s definitely not conventional, but building pull out drawers into your staircase can be a great option if you’re space poor and want a solution that’s a little ‘out there’.

This also acts as a feature area of the room, so you can stand out from your friends without compromising on functionality.

Are space saver steps legitimate?

In squeezed metropolitan lodging, space saver steps can be a genuine help in the mission to boost little living spaces. These means empower you to fit a flight of stairs in a restricted region, saving you from building a traditional flight of stairs and setting aside more space for different things. In any case, are space saver steps legitimate?

It’s an inquiry that has been on a great deal of clients’ psyches as they think about purchasing these limited risers. It’s additionally one that many home improvement retailers and makers have been pondering too. That is on the grounds that the space saver flight of stairs is a somewhat new item that is acquiring notoriety and analysis with customers.

The remarkable plan is intended to be a space-saving option in contrast to a standard flight of stairs in your flight of stairs, yet as an ever increasing number of individuals are introducing them, it’s becoming evident that the space saver steps may not be lawful in certain spaces.

Do space saver steps consent to building guidelines?

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Tragically, in case you’re considering fitting the steps you have to a little house, you could be burning through your time and cash. There is a fantasy that space saver steps are somehow or another more secure, or that they are treated similarly as a flight of stairs for arranging consent. This isn’t correct.

You will require arranging consent assuming you need to utilize space saver steps, and they should be built as per the current Building Regulations. This incorporates parts of the handrail, step parts, wooden advances, roof stature and track steps that structure your space step to your space change.

Use a material that’s right for you

Staircases don’t have to be made up of big and bulky materials.

Sure, a standout solid oak staircase can stand out when you’ve got the space.

But sleek, simple designs are easy to create too.

By using glass, open risers and plenty of light, you can create a minimal look and feel without sacrificing quality.

Ever thought about using color to make your staircase unique?

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By matching the colors of the room to the staircase you can create a look perfect for you.

Depending on the material and colors you choose, you can create a staircase that stands out of blends into your house and existing interior designs.

Take advantage of the space stairs create

Staircases may be a large part of a house, but they do have their positives.

The space they create can be used for extra storage and an area to display things.

The options are endless, but the most popular choices are floating shelves or rolling drawers to improve your existing storage space.

Why not mix and match?

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By having a range of drawers and shelves you can show off your favorite things and hide your secret messy side, all while creating a feature wall.

Talk to an expert staircase manufacturer or supplier

If you’re struggling for ideas to make the most of your staircase, the best thing to do is speak to an expert manufacturer or supplier.

They can give you some design tips and advice as well as give you some inspiration.

Redesigning any part of your home can be daunting. So get a helping hand of Pear Stairs to get you the best results at the most cost effective price.