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Top 9 Essential Dog Car Travel Accessories – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Are you ready to go on a trip with the family? And by family, we mean that your dog will be included, of course! Whether it’s a trip across country to visit some historical sites or an extended weekend at the local campground, you don’t want to forget your four-legged pal. While you are loading up the car, you’ll also want to make sure you have the following essential dog car travel accessories on hand!

1. Car Seat Covers

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When you’re on a trip with your dog, it’s a given that they will be going in and out of the car often to use the potty and to get some exercise. That means a lot of dirt and debris being tracked back in from their four paws! Before you leave, make sure to put down a waterproof car seat cover that will protect your seats from unwanted messes. Additionally, even the most well-trained dog may have an accident as you are driving down the highway, so a quality cover will keep your seats clean and dry.

2. Dog Ramp

A dog ramp is the perfect car accessory for a variety of dogs. If you own a smaller breed and a larger vehicle, your dog may have trouble jumping in and out. You don’t want to have to pick them up every single time, which is where a dog ramp designed specifically for your dog will come in handy. However, a ramp is practically a necessity if your dog is older or dealing with some type of physical ailment, such as arthritis or hip issues. Having easy access in and out of your car will make the road trip much more enjoyable for them. Get more information with websites like The Pampered Pup to know all the important points to consider in buying a ramp for your dog.

3. Cozy Dog Bed

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Long road trips can tire us out. Your dog is used to sleeping a lot of his day away anyway, so a cozy dog bed for the car is an essential item you will definitely want to make sure you have from the start. We all want to snooze a little bit during a long drive, right? So unless you are the one in the driver’s seat, remember to provide a comfortable spot for everyone in the car to dream!

4. Dog Car Harness

A dog car harness is another essential item that will keep your dog from getting hurt if you are involved in a collision. It will also keep them from falling while the car is in motion, as dogs cannot get a sense of balance when they are in a moving car. When you choose a dog harness for your dog, look for one that is made from a strong, durable material. Make sure that it is the right size for your dog. As a bonus, look for harnesses that you can unhook quickly from the seat belt and then use as a leash at rest stops. Some also come with reflective strips that make your dog more visible in the dark.

5. Dog Car Barrier

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Get a vehicle barrier that will fit your car. This is especially recommended for fur parents with a large dog breed. It will give your large dog their own space in the cargo area while you keep the interior of your car protected.
If you have a small car or want your dog in the backseat, then get a dog barricade between the front and rear car seats. It will keep the driver distraction-free and it will prevent your dog from launching into front car seat during quick stops.

6. Spill-Proof Water Dish

Your dog will want to drink water during a car trip just as much as your human passengers. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy for a dog to keep from spilling all over the car! Dogs are messy drinkers to begin with, so adding in the rocking motion of your car isn’t going to help. Luckily, there are many spill-proof water dishes available for dogs that will keep your dog hydrated while keeping your vehicle clean. Grab one before you take off on your trip to make everyone happy.

7. Portable Water Bottles

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Since you already have a spill-proof dish in the car for your dog, why bother hauling it in and out at stops or when you get to your location? Leave the dish in the car where it is at, and use a portable water bottle for times when you are out and about. Most portable water dishes come with a handy strap that you can use when you are taking a walk with your pet at a rest stop or going for a hike in the mountains.

8. Fun Chew Toys

While your dog may spend a lot of time sleeping during a car trip, you will want them to have something to do while they are awake. Make sure you have plenty of dog chew toys to keep your dog happy and busy. Bring along some healthy bones and chewing sticks as well as their favorite squeak toy or stuffed animal. Chew toys are an essential dog car accessory that will make your dog happy while you are all on the road!

9. Pet Odor Remover

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When you are living together with your pet for a long time, there are times that you can be immune to your pet’s smells. However, that will not be the case for someone outside your paw family. If they would be riding with you or just taking a quick peek in your car, you have to make sure that the smell is pleasant inside. After all, a clean and fresh space is essential for the health of your pet as well.

Get a truly effective pet odor remover to eliminate the unpleasant lingering scent of your dog. Before spraying the DIY vinegar or baking soda solution you have made, or that commercial air spray freshener, vacuum first your car’s upholstery including the dog bed. Clean your car first to achieve that freshness. After that, evenly spray your solution in the car’s fabric and upholstery. When choosing a car perfume, it’s best to buy a freshener with odor-absorbing solution to eliminate the musty dog stench.

We love our dogs, and we all want them to be happy. Make sure you have the necessities to make their car trip as enjoyable as possible!