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Most Popular Limousines Available for Hire Today

by Nina Smith

Have a wedding, graduation, bachelorette, or bachelor party coming up? You will need suitable transportation for this whether it is for a round trip or just to pick up from one point and drop off in another.

To make the experience unforgettable, opt for a limousine. These luxurious vehicles are a cool way to complete an event and make it extra special.

These are the only vehicles that can be customized to suit your preferences in terms of snacks, drinks, and decorations. Plus by choosing a long stretch model, you can comfortably seat large groups all in the same vehicle.

In this article we will look at some of the most popular limousines available for any occasion.

Occasions That Call For Hiring a Limousine

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There are many occasions where limousine hire is not only appropriate, but is almost expected.

The most common events where limousines should be hired included weddings, formals, hens and bucks parties.

Other events include corporate functions, major award ceremonies, airport transfers, major business openings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties and so on.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Limousine

Before anything else, you should first consider how many passengers you need to transport. Based on this you should try to choose a limousine that can accommodate them all, rather than hiring multiple vehicles, which would be more expensive.

You should also think if you are planning on having a theme for the event. If your event does have a theme, the vehicle choice can change dramatically. Also how you decorate the vehicle may also be important so be sure to ask if you can add decorations.

Next two could be the game changers. Availability and cost. Limos tend to get booked out months in advance, so just make sure you are planning your limo hire well in advance.

Also ask about the hourly rate and make sure you learn about all the fine print to avoid any hidden charges on the final bill.

Limousines to Choose From

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There are so countless different makes and models of limousines which can be hired. Whether you are looking for a Range Rover, Hummer, Mercedes, Lincoln, Ford, or Chrysler, with enough research, you can always find what you want.

Of course, what you end up choosing will all depend on your goals, the number of passengers, availability and your budget.
It is important to note that not every limo hire company will have every limo listed in this article, but if you first know the limo that you want to hire, you can go searching for a local company that has the one you want.

Alternatively you can seek a reputable limo hire company that has an extensive fleet, such as Sydney Limo in Australia. This will give you access to multiple different limo styles, sizes and package options all from one service provider.

1. H2 Hummer Limousine

This is one of the most popular stretch limousine vehicles for any event that you could be having. Depending on the model they can set around 17 passengers which is perfect for most events.

If you are planning a birthday, graduation, or a corporate company, this will be ideal. You will have a party on wheels.
It is equipped with TVs, a lounge area, strobe lights, a sound system, full bar facilities, disco, and floor ceiling. It will be hard to tell you are not in a party venue once inside. Besides, you can request your favorite drinks.

The seats are quite comfortable and stylish to offer ultimate luxury.

2. Chrysler 300c Super Stretch Limousine

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Boasting a luxurious leather interior and privacy windows, the Chrysler 300c Super Stretch limousine is unmatched. It comfortably seats up to twelve passengers. Listen to your favorite tunes on the go, while you are cooled by the air-con to get you in the mood.

Depending on the one hired, features include DVD player, laser lighting, awesome audio systems with iPod compatibility. They come with TV screens, fully equipped bars, LED lighting, and a privacy divider.

3. Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo

This stylish vehicle makes ground transportation luxurious. With a luxury and spacious interior it has plenty of room for all guests.

You can be guaranteed that whether it is for pleasure or business event, the Lincoln Town Car Stretch limo will add a touch of class.

It features TV screens, leather upholstery, DVD/CD player with Bluetooth and iPod connect, space for luggage, and privacy partition. To make the experience even merrier, they are equipped with accent and mood lights, and bar facilities.

4. Ford Expedition 4×4 Limo

Whether you are planning a road trip, the Ford Expedition 4×4 limo is one worth considering.

It offers comfort for up to twelve passengers with its stylish interior and amazing AV system. Hit the light switch to exude that party mood.

5. Range Rover Vogue Limo

Range Rover is a brand that is popular for style and luxury. That’s what makes these limos stand in a class of its own.
Excellent space, class, comfort, and luxury are a guarantee with the Range Rover Vogue limousine. Comfort is an issue as it has chunky armrests and extra legroom.

8 passengers sit comfortably as they enjoy their favorite music, drinks from the minibar, and fun. It features a stereo system and TV and color-changing floor lights.

6. Mercedes Party Coach

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Need to move more than twenty passengers? The Mercedes luxury coach is perfectly suited.

There are so many occasions when this is ideal such as corporate events, large wedding parties and so much more.

Fully decked out with disco lighting, LCD screens, an amazing music system, ample luggage storage, bar and a toilet. These features make this an easy decision when deciding to hire this beast.


We have only just scratched the surface of what is available in the limousine hire industry today. But as mentioned, not all limo hire companies will have all these options available.

So to understand what is available in your area, get in contact with a reputable limo hire company. When given enough forward planning they can often source unique and stylish vehicles to suit your unique and specific requirements.