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Lemmings Game is Now Available For iOS And Android

by Elsa Stringer

All of the Lemmings game fans can now download the new game on AppStore and Google Play, as Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Sad Puppy have announced.

The Lemmings game was available for playing on PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation2. Their last release was over a decade ago, but luckily now it has been released to play for free on two platforms, one for iOS users, and one for Android users.


This is what it has been said an overview of the game: „The only official Lemmings game! Lemmings are back and bigger than ever! The classic 90s puzzle game, re-imagined for the best experience on your mobile device! Embark on an epic journey through the wonders of the Universe, rescuing cute, lovable Lemmings by guiding them through levels filled with hazards and traps. Set your Lemmings to work, transforming each planet you visit from a hostile environment to a fun-filled utopia where your Lemmings can let their hair down and party!“


They also added the key features, listing:

– Simple, one-touch controls mean you can save Lemmings any time, anywhere!
– Thousands of levels filled with puzzles, traps, and hazards!
– Voyage through the Universe, building planets for your Lemmings to party on!
– Discover and collect unique tribes of Lemmings. You’ll never know who you’ll find next!
– Compete against players across the globe in tournaments for huge prizes!“
To play this game on your phone, you will need a network connection.