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LDPlayer vs Memu: Which is Better for Free Fire?

by Elsa Stringer

Garena free fire is one of the most popular online battle games developed by 111 Dots and published by Garena for both android and iOS smartphones. This PUBG Mobile rivalry game is also awarded one of the most popular games of 2019. This ultimate survival game available for mobile took the internet by storm by the year of its release and is also one of the fourth most downloaded games worldwide.

This online battle royale game has many similarities like most of the battle royale games but it is unique and different in its way. In a 10 minute match, you will get matched with almost 49 players on the server and you parachute along with them at the deserted island where you fight for the survival and in the last that remain on the ground wins.

There are different modes in the game and also you can get your squad up by teaming up with your fellows. Overall this game is action-packed with some more exciting features making it more fun and fanatic.

This game is more of a strategy and teamwork if you are playing with your teammates. Flying above the island then parachuting away from them and finding the perfect weapon for you with an immense loot of grenades, medical supplies, and healing. The game has also some time to time vents where you can get exciting rewards like gun skin, suits, and moves. Garena Free Fire also arranges multiple online gaming tournaments which are also like most other MOBA games.



This game is available free to play for your smartphones available for both android and iOS. The gameplay is much more simple and smooth. One of the cool features is that it can run smoothly on low-end phones (mobiles having low RAM). The controls are much simpler with a sprint or movement joystick on the left side and a shooting button on the right side making it more convenient to play.

This game according to controls is much more like PUBG Mobile. The battlefield is small which makes the action more intense and nerve-wracking. While playing with your squads team up or communicate with them with a mic and speakers or headphones. There are different modes like zombies or Deathmatch. But remember that you need to make a strategy always while teaming up.

Can we play Free Fire on PC?

Yes, you can play Garena Free Fire on PC with powerful android emulators which make your experience much better. The advantages of playing it on PC are that there is no hustle with a small screen and also you will get your hands on the controls more easily which will make your aim for shooting better. Enjoy your big screen with free android emulators which are compatible for Free Fire on PC.

Some of these powerful android emulators are LDPlayer and Memu. But we will be comparing LDPlayer with Memu player to know which is more compatible and best for playing Free Fire on PC.


LDPlayer after testing personally is one of the best emulators for free fire. Now let’s dig in to find what makes it best of the best.

LDPlayer is one of the most well-known android emulator on the internet with over millions of downloads and thousands of active users online daily. LDPlayer is fast and lightweight but it has also tons of features that make it exciting and more likable. First, you can easily download it and it is easily available online.

You can download it from the official website. Second, it is easy to install and make it more user friendly. If you have low-end PC or laptop and worrying about whether this is suitable for you or not then don’t worry this is far better in performance on low-end PC and laptops than any other android emulator. You can get LDPlayer for free you don’t need to pay not even a penny for it. It can run on Intel and AMD processor, available for all Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS devices. This powerful android emulator is a must-try.

Memu Player:

Memu player is also one of the top android emulators but as personally tested it is good for more of the games but it will crash ultimately if you have a low-end PC or laptop. This is not for you if you have a low-end system. This android emulator is also free and you can easily test it or download it.

This is suitable for most of the games like Candy crush, subway surfers, and more games like that. But if you want to play games that take more of the RAM then it is not for you and you have to switch to another alternative if you want smooth and fast gaming experience. Memu player is in the market not for a long time but it still has to make a long way to earn its name.



For most of the reasons and tested LDPlayer is much better in performance and should be your go-to gaming buddy for Garena Free Fire. It comes with monthly updates making it more customizable than any of the android emulator.