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Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle – Amazing Product You Should Buy Right Now

by Elsa Stringer

Have you ever wondered whether it is healthy to drink water from a bottle that you have used several times before? We believe it is and we can tell you that it is not completely healthy because even if you wash a plastic water bottle, you can never kill all the bacteria inside. In addition, even if you pour fresh and completely clean water, it will no longer be bacteria-free precisely because of the unhealthy inside of the bottle. It seems like there is no solution to this problem, but on the other hand, we have found one revolutionary product.

This is a LARQ water bottle that comes with great technologies that are there to make sure you drink completely healthy water without any batteries and impurities. This water bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and has UV-C LED technology. Wondering what UV-C LED technology is doing inside of your water bottle? Simply, this innovative technology is there to keep the inside of the bottle perfectly clean. But that’s not all, because it also serves to purify the water you pour in.


As we said a while ago, it is almost impossible to clean a water bottle properly. The bottom is very difficult to reach as well as the neck of the bottle. Therefore, as a humid environment, a water bottle is a great place to accumulate different batteries and viruses. Is that what you want? We believe it is not, so our suggestion is to buy one LARQ self-cleaning water bottle. If you accept our advice, let’s take a look at some other features of this amazing product.

Technology that provides clean water wherever you are and at any time

Well, UV-C LED technology is definitely a major feature of this water bottle. It’s completely environmentally friendly and believe it or not, it makes the LARQ water bottle extremely clean. Also, the success rate in eliminating bacteria is 99.9999% while the figure for viruses is 99.99%. Basically, after activating this technology, nothing harmful will stay in the LARQ water bottle except the incredibly clean water ready to refresh you. The LED light on the cap shows you all the information you need about the purity of the water inside.


An additional precaution to ensure that once refined water will no longer be dirty is that the LARQ water bottle is waterproof. Also, this product has no mercury, phthalate or BPA which is very important when it comes to your health. We need to add a few more things about UV-C LED technology. Specifically, this technology is identical to that used in hospitals and takes about 60 seconds up to 3 minutes to completely purify water. In addition, the inside of the bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel that doesn’t absorb UV light, but fully reflects, ensuring that UV-C LED technology reaches every part of the bottle and cleans it from bacteria.

How does self-cleaning LARQ water bottle work?


As we said, UV-C LED technology is primary thing in this bottle. However, set it up, some steps must be followed when using the bottle for the first time. So, in addition to the bottle in the package, you also get a USB cable. The first thing you need to do after purchase is to plug the USB cable into the waterproof USB port on the bottle. This is a necessary procedure to recharge the battery of the water bottle and prepare it for further use. After it is fully recharged, you need to find the button on the top of the cap, press and hold it for 5 seconds. And that’s all, now your LARQ water bottle is completely set up.

Now just fill up the water and you can purify it. One very important thing we have not mentioned so far is that this water bottle doesn’t have a filter installed. So, it just purifies the water. To have sediment-free filtered water, you need to use some other devices with this feature. Also, the LARQ water bottle has several modes. There are Normal and Adventure but also Safety and Travel Mode that you use depending on the origin of the water you poured inside the bottle and where you use the it. For example, Adventure Mode is intended for use with water from a river or if you are not completely sure about its source. Adventure Mode is activated by pressing the button at the top of the cap twice and last up to 3 minutes, while pressing only once for Normal Mode and last about 60 seconds.

On the other hand, we have Safety and Travel Mode. The former is activated in case the cover containing the UV-C LED light is not properly closed, while the latter is used when for example while traveling by plane and serves to deactivate the self-cleaning function. Also, we must add that the bottle has a cycle that repeats every 2 hours and involves 10 seconds of cleaning to keep the water completely clean and healthy for drinking at any time.


It is important to note that the bottle has several different lights and each one indicates something. For example, a breathing green light indicates that the bottle is recharging, while a steady green light indicates that it is completely recharged and ready to use. Breathing blue light indicates Normal Mode operation, while pulsing blue light is for Adventure Mode. Yellow light indicates a low battery level, orange means working in Safety Mode, while red and purple is for situations when something is wrong. You should definitely know this in order to be able to react in certain cases, such as when the light is red and purple.

What are the benefits of using a self-cleaning LARQ water bottle?


If you have read the previous section of the text, there is no doubt that you have been able to conclude that the LARQ water bottle provides bacteria-free water no matter where you are. The price of this fantastic product is $95 and it is undoubtedly high. However, when you compare all the benefits with some other products, there is no doubt that this is a best buy. For example, the LARQ water bottle has no filters, so you won’t have additional costs. Buying this fantastic bottle, it will provide you with clean water over 100,000 times.

In addition, it offers the ability to reuse at the same level without fear of bacteria, viruses and other harmful things that can be found in plastic bottles. Another significant aspect of using this water bottle is that it is completely environmentally friendly. It is estimated that tens of millions of bottles of water are purchased over an hour worldwide. It’s really a huge amount of recyclable plastic. Unfortunately, this is not the case because only 9% of the material is reused, while everything else pollutes the planet every day. Therefore, isn’t it a better solution to spend $95 once and use a water bottle for the next few years as well as to contribute to protecting the environment. We believe it is, so hurry up and buy one for yourself, there is a lot of colors available.