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What Employers Need To Know About E2 Visa

by Nina Smith

To be familiar with E2 Visa, It’s a long-term wherein those people engage into a business company. A non-immigrant work visa focuses on foreign investors who live in a country that takes part in an investment diversion in the United States. E2 Investor Visa allows an investor to enter without any restriction and work immensely in the United States. E2 investors can renew visas depending on the host sponsoring business, which applies to several full-time workers and is still ongoing profitable. It can also be extended but indefinitely. 

The E2 Visa Overview

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According to Ashoori Law, to maintain the E2 Investor Visa, a beneficial investment transform into an active U.S. business that will be adequate to develop a profit will meet the target. This business must have an effective transformation to the local community, including the economy, meaning it will create local workers’ jobs. And can benefit a minimum of 5 full-timers while earning enough income twice to its expected target salary to realize a profit beyond paying the proprietor’s living wage. 

For cases, there’s no limit to taking an E2 visa renewed. There’s no restriction in this part, you can renew as long as it takes, but you have to meet all the requirements to continue the same process of getting an ETA visa. This Electronic Travel Authority introduced a small amount to the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. For new starters or newly engaged in business, the Investor is part of an investment. Must be large enough to start or able to produce a large capital business and operate continuously. The amount of investment elaborates the type of business. The acquisition will not be valuable if it is not large enough to capitalize on the business venture.

Advantages of the E2 Visa

  • At this moment, an E2 Investor will grant an E2 dependent which his or her spouse is allowed to apply for work authorization that includes their E2 dependent visa.
  • E2 investors will also grant an E2 dependent visa not only for their spouse and for their children under the age of 21 but also for attending school whatever universities they want to enroll. But in this case, children of E2 Investor don’t qualify for a visa for work.
  • Your spouse and unmarried children have an E2 dependent status.
  •  E2 Investors are allowed to live outside of the country and go back anytime in the U.S. unless the visa is still valid.
  • Investors from across and different countries are issued to establish working sites and used to operate a business in the U.S.
  • And lastly, good thing there’s no minimum required amount of investment as long as it’s firm and establishes, operates, and develops a profitable business that meets the standards and requirements above.

Disadvantages of the E2 Visa

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  • Children of E2 investors over 21 years and above don’t acquire to have an E2 visa dependent. Still, if he or she wants to stay, they must apply for a different visa.
  • The E2 investor visa cannot apply to a permanent residency in the United States. If the Investor wishes to stay in the country, they must apply for another pass.
  • E2 investor visa holder only works while the business processing is still ongoing and profitable. 
  • If the Investor’s business fails, they must leave the United States even though the two years expansion hasn’t expired.
  • If the business is struggling and almost triumphant, a visa holder renewal still on denied. 

Benefits of the E2 Visa

The E2 investor visa has better benefits, which is what makes it a very famous ticket. It helps and allows you to work legally in the United States. You can work in a family business as an investor. Your spouse can also apply for a work permit to work in the family business or anywhere else in the United States. So your one-income family can quickly come and become a two-income family, and that’s always good. It also gives you access to the U.S. education system. Your children will be able to go to school in the United States from Pre-K to university.

And the whole family can improve their academic standing. They can go to private schools if they already speak English, they speak English fluently. And the most important thing, they will become familiar with the culture itself. It means that they will become known more than anybody else when doing business between the United States and their home country. The E2 Visa can give two more benefits. It allows you to get a United States social security number.  Your spouse will be able to get a U.S. social security number,  as you know it is essential. It’s a national identification number that you need for just about anything in the United States.

Secondly, it allows you to come into the United States with ease. But whenever you have an E2 visa, it’s almost like here just walking right in because it’s already clear that you’re coming. After all, you live here because you’re an investor here, and life is just a lot easier. This opportunity benefits the investor’s whole family, It’s not that easy, but everyone provides effort. As an investor, to manage the entire thing is to build connections to every investor in the U.S. Expand learnings and strategies for the future. 


Probably you witness the overview, advantages, disadvantages, and benefits of having an E2 investor visa. It’s been tricky that being part of a business world, the flow of having a pass still acknowledging and going in the same process of people applying for a visa but in another category. And now that you’ve read this text above, you should have a good understanding of the most critical aspects of the E2 visa. It is more appealing for foreign business engagements, managers, investors, and other employees, a long-term stay in the United States for extended periods. Oversee in a group of tackled enterprises in trade businesses between the foreign country and the U.S.