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Is Swagbucks Really Worth the Time?

by Dangula Bingula

“Is Swagbucks really worth the time” is a frequently asked question among new and prospective users. The short answer is yes, but this can be dependent on many factors, including your own schedule, which task work you choose to do, and your willingness to stick with it. Earning rewards is simple and straightforward, so there is no complex process to navigate. Check out Carefulcents.com if you’re looking for a Swag bucks review.

What Is Swagbucks Anyway?


Swagbucks is the world’s top “get paid to” site, where users can sign up to perform a variety of miscellaneous tasks to earn points. These points can be turned into retailer gift cards or sent as cash through a PayPal account.

Swagbucks is one of many online platforms for generating income, but it is the largest and most popular among its competitors. Other sites simply don’t have the versatility and reach as Swagbucks. With thousands of users, millions in payouts, and over 1,200 connected retail partners, it’s easy to see why this site is number one.

How Much Is A Swagbuck Worth?

Each Swagbuck that you earn is equivalent to about 1 cent USD. In other words, 1,000 points would translate to $10, and so forth. Surveys and task work will vary in their value, with some surveys being longer and worth up to $5 USD.

Swagbucks doesn’t charge to use its platform, so whatever you earn is entirely profit. Without subscription fees, you can log on knowing that you’ll make money every time you complete any of the task work.

How Long Does The Work Take?


Whether you choose to take surveys, watch videos, use the search engine, or play games, the site pays rewards based on the task you’ve accomplished. In the case of videos and surveys, the SB value of that particular item will depend on the content within as well as the length of the video or survey.

Surveys usually take anywhere from just a few minutes or longer to complete, depending on their length. Longer surveys are certainly worth more, and can still be completed in under 10-15 minutes. If you’re earning $5 for the longer surveys, at 10 minutes per survey, that’s the equivalent of around $30/hour. Unfortunately, though, the longer surveys don’t usually come in succession and can be pretty rare.

Swagbucks TV is one other way to earn points on the platform. You’ll be directed to videos (usually related to a product, service, or industry trend) that you can watch and earn points from. The videos can be worth anywhere from about 20 SBs to a hundred or more SBs. Again, this is entirely dependent on the video’s length, as well as the content within.

They also have many browser games you can play to earn points, as well as opportunities to earn points for in-game purchases. If you’re already an avid gamer, this is probably the easiest way to earn on the site.

With many popular titles like Wheel of Fortune and even some casino games like Blackjack, the diverse collection is sure to have what you’re looking for.

This company also offers coupons and discounts to many of its connected retail partners, and you can actually earn points from qualifying purchases through those retailer’s sites. Getting paid to shop at your favorite stores is a great way to make those expensive purchases a little less costly.

Overall, the time it takes to complete the various tasks we’ve mentioned is minor. Surveys and videos last only a few minutes while playing games or shopping with the site’s retail partners can be done at your leisure. The amount of time you invest in the platform will dictate the number of SBs you get, and therefore the amount of money you’ll earn.

How Do I Get Paid?

Source: smhsoft.net

Once you’ve earned a certain number of SBs, you’ll be able to cash out from your account page, turning those rewards points into either gift cards or cash. Cash payments are made through PayPal, and can usually take up to a few days to appear in your account.

Gift cards are another popular payment option on the site. With hundreds of partnered retailers, you can get a gift card to just about any major retailer you shop with. Wal Mart and Amazon are among those included, just to name a few.

Cashing out is quick and easy so you won’t have to worry about struggling to receive your rewards. The company has paid out over $345,000,000 in rewards to its members to date so you can be sure that the money you’re earning is real.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes! If at any point, you are unsatisfied with the site, you can cancel your membership within the account portal. Be sure to cash out any rewards you have left before doing so; that way you won’t miss any of the money you’ve earned during your time as a member.

So, Is It Worth It?

Overall, Swagbucks is definitely worth a try at the least. Try using the platform for a few months and see how you like it. The work is simple, the pay is decent, and there are multiple ways to generate those all-important bucks.

Most of the work you can do in your free time, especially watching videos. You can easily perform other tasks with videos on in the background. You’ll be generating passive income while you engage in your daily tasks.