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Iron Chair: A Chair With Impact – Review

by Edvard Berlusconi

Picture the following scene: You are shopping for your company’s office chair, and thanks to your budget from your boss, you can quickly narrow your selection from thousands of fancy chairs to just a handful of ordinary chairs. But it’s still quite a headache for you to choose one.

Nobody wouldn’t mind an advanced chairs with complex functions like monitoring your health status, reminding you of the time of sitting, and asking you to take a break. However, maybe some would not like that. Technology indeed is reshaping our workspace at a blistering pace, pushing us into a wayward complexity.

This may also lead to incorporating this hi-technology stuff without realizing these chairs could be a hindrance to your company’s offices. For instance, a giant technology company may look cool with this equipment, but if you are just a small or middle company, such tech could and will be unnecessary.

But you still want some special, right? Something that could make your company stand out, something marked the design and uniqueness. That’s why Sunon, one of the best workspace solution provider comes with Iron chair (https://www.sunonglobal.com/Product/product_inner/id/68 )

Simple and concise


You want your chairs comfortable and look beautiful without losing the design. And somehow from the western designing aesthetics, complexity is considered as a fundamental aesthetic value. Every time you use it, you sit in it, you should receive the same feeling of comfy and right.

However, without proper organization, the complex design of office furniture can confuse people. This is why Sunon abandoned the traditional idea of complex elegance and intensified the visual impact. Instead, it focuses on the simplicity and nature of office chairs.

Similarly, you may appreciate chair materials like iron as it reveals the coherence of your office. The outlook of this iron chair is what iron man armor, concise yet powerful. That is also the inspiration for the chair’s name, indicating the heaviness and safeness.

Ergonomic and economical


You do want to have a nap with comfort in the working noon? This is the part why ergonomic chairs become so important because we can adjust the backrest into the most comfortable position. One distinction of ergonomic and non-ergonomic is the backrest, which also makes ergonomic chairs a bit more expensive.

Non-ergonomic chairs usually have a fixed backrest, which is not adjustable. So you don’t want to sit on a non-ergonomic chair unless you have a tight budget. If you have a high budget to cast, then high-end products with fantastic design and technological wonders are all your consideration.

However, the most expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean the right one. Like what I mentioned above, complex office furniture and stunning design sometimes ruin unity and intensity. Sunon as an expert in office furniture design, notices this issue, so they create one of the most ergonomic chair series -iron chairs.

It is also economical in terms of the pursuit of simplicity design. Choosing the best ergonomic chair means you can enjoy every bit of the comfort of sitting. As such, even though you have a low budget based on your selection of office chairs, you can still have the best option, because iron chairs mark the aesthetics of simplicity without losing quality and comfort.

Quality as craftsmanship


Iron chairs marks craftsmanship. To ensure comfort and quality, all iron chairbacks use wintex fabric, which is the top quality material in the manufacturing industry. As such, you can enjoy every bit of luxury of sitting on the chair without adding the sedentary pain.

It is bad enough if you have to sit in a fixed place all day long, but it would be worse if you stuck with a non-ergonomic chair. That’s why iron chair gets rid of traditional cook cutter and stands out for its uniqueness. A quality office chair should last longer, as well. The iron chair will serve you as the armor serves Stark, which makes it a good companion.