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iPhone X Price: Do I Need To Spend This Much?

by Elsa Stringer

The iPhone X price was the most expensive Apple smartphone back then when it was first launched but that was ‘some times ago’.

Before its launch, the iPhone X was the most talked-about smartphone coming from the stable of the Apple company because it comes with a lot of first. For instance, its the first Apple smartphone with OLED technology. It’s the first smartphone from Apple without the Home button. And it’s also the first time Apple introduces a facial recognition feature as a means of ID.

Also included in the first, the ‘X smartphone is the first to cross over the $1000 mark price for an entry model smartphone – which makes people to wonder who the phone is specially made for; the super-rich or the average income people


If you are wondering why Apple decided to bring in a more expensive smartphone into the market, some people have said its probably because many other manufacturer are already doing so, everybody knows its a pattern that when new upgrades arrive the price goes up.

But nobody foresees Apple crossing the line with the iPhone x price. It was just too expensive.

If you really want to know what feature the X has that makes it quite expensive, here are some of them



The iPhone X design comes in two variant colors of white and black. The white is chrome silver-trimmed and the black with shiny dark grey trim. Although the ‘X is beautifully crafted to give so much comfort, the white color of the ‘X easily picks up greasy fingerprints every time it touches the hand; which makes it quickly lose its fresh from the box luster.

Aside also from the lack of the Power button and the Home button – which got removed to the right edge, almost each of the other elements in the previous phones is still in places you expect them. You still have the same positioning, the IP67 dust, and waterproofing standard, etc.

one feature I don’t like that is missing in the ‘X is the headphone jack which I think is still a great feature for any smartphone models.

Also, I don’t think the camera measure up to paying over a thousand grand for. The camera modules on the rear end are large and are around a millimeter out – which makes the phone stay unbalance on a flat surface.

So, while the high screen-to-body-ratio might probably add up to the iPhone X price – {which was something almost every Apple lovers were waiting for} the small-sized and lightweight ‘X, with its rounded corners and edges is comfortable to hold and fit perfectly into a tight pocket.

Face ID


As Apple introduces a new biometric Face ID approach to unlocking phones, many more smartphone devices with the home button and front power button are soon becoming old.

The ‘X screen makes the Home button Power button irrelevant including the fingerprint reader. Apple made sure that it’s only through the Face ID that you can unlock your phone including using the Apple Pay app.

How this work is very easy, The iPhone X is specially built with a “True Depth” camera that infrared 30,000 dots into your face – These dots are infrared and also produces 3D models of your face and with two-dimensional infrared images.

This infrared sensors also scans your face, match it with the stored models then finally unlock your phone – all these happening within a twinkle of an eye!

The Apple Face ID technology is specially built to make it impossible for someone who isn’t you unlocking your phone – They say such chance is one in a million.

This feature makes your phone much secure when compared to the Touch ID of smaller phones. So, unlocking with Face ID is great even when you are with or without your eyeglasses. It works well so much that it has not failed to unlock for me..for once. and besides, you don’t need to look straight into the camera before your phone gets unlocked. just a double tap on the screen and it’ll recognize your face and unlock.

Price and competition


The iPhone X price is the first entry-level phone from Apple that cost this much, over $1000 AUD

And that’s for 64GB models, the other higher storage version of 256GB is sold probably a hundred dollars or two higher. And that’s a big load of money for an iPhone. This smartphone model is expensive and is very well out of reach for most people who would have loved to have a go on the smartphone.

The downside to the iPhone X price is that other competitors are not even close enough to the price that this phone is going for. The Samsung Galaxy S9 which is the closest competitor in terms of screen size and some other features can easily be purchased at a tidy sum of $400+ and that not even up to half the price of the ‘X.


To Conclude, it’s no brainer that the iPhone X price is quite expensive and offers more or the same level of features that most other Android devices have especially ones with similar configurations. For instance, when compared with the Galaxy S9 the ‘X looks more elegant or almost drawing the same level in terms of design and however, the introduction of face recognition and unlocking makes the ‘X a winner any day.


This is undoubtedly Apple’s best-ever – yet a very expensive piece of device. so if you don’t mind spending such a large sum to buy a 64GB at $689 AUD and $779 AUD for 256GB then I suggest you try the iPhone X for a change from a top rated seller like Phonebot

However, you just need to know that buying a phone worth over a $779 should do so much and should have so many features and that I don’t see with the ‘X. Take, for instance, the ‘X camera which I think is not too impressive for a phone of that cost is not even better than what you have in iPhone 8 or Galaxy S9 but the iPhone price still takes all the headlines.