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How to Know If Your Invoicing Software Is Secure – 2024 Guide

by Gaga Arizanov

One of the messiest and unexciting parts of a business is managing the bills. There is a high risk of mistakes and therefore, the responsibility is quite tough. In addition to this, a single mistake can seriously affect the overall revenue of your company. However, if you choose to use automatic systems, things will become easier.

There are a lot of invoicing software available in the market. Their features are different according to the business type and category. Furthermore, the subscription rates are also quite different.

For example, there is software that is designed for self-employed professionals. The subscription charges of this tool will be different from the one that is designed for big companies. Likewise, you will find special software for startups. Thus, you have a high chance of getting software that can fit your business perfectly.

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However, the important question is how will you find the right software and make sure it is secure. Here are a few things that will help you out.

Securing the software

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You cannot secure such tools by adding some locks. The security is added and activated by the designers. One of the things is that you have to agree to the consent form in order to use the software. And when you agree to the terms and conditions, you allow the tool to have access to your financial information. Therefore, you must know about the terms and conditions. You should be aware of the things that you are allowing access to.

The application will save all the information related to your clients, your account records, and invoicing. Furthermore, it will also store data regarding inventory, bank details, corporate balance sheets, recurrent transactions, hidden charges, and much more. All of this is important data for your business. Any negligence with this will cause you a massive loss.

Therefore, while choosing your billing software, you need to look for safety and security features. Make sure you look at all the information related to this. The system that upholds the strongest privacy and strict data rules will be the best one for you. Every software system will have its security features but you should go with the one that works well with your business needs.

How invoicing software security works

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If you are using an online invoicing system, you are already working within layers of security. Security is not only for the software but also for the hardware. Therefore, if you are using a well-known and reputable system, you can relax with the security.

However, you still need to learn how the system works. You need to know the encryption that the program is using, its data centers, and firewalls.

Methods of securing your data

If you need to secure your data, you have six different methods to do so;

  1. Doing authentication with biometrics or other multi-way verifications.
  2. Keep a backup copy to protect your data in case of any accident or mishap.
  3. Using an automation system to reduce the risk and prevention of mistakes.
  4. Using restrictions for the accessibility of data from anywhere.
  5. You can choose to use different encryption tools such as the ones the credit forms and banks use.
  6. Keep your protection active all the time.

1. SSL (protection against hackers)

When you are doing business, you will encounter a lot of problems. If you are doing something innovative and one-of-its-type, people will try to steal your data. Therefore, other than accidents, you need to protect yourself from hackers too. And they won’t only attack if you are doing something different but can also hack your data to get something out of you. That is why it is important to have security against such attacks.

SSL is a secure socket layer that protects important information from hackers. It uses server authentication and data encryption and thus, protects all the data from malicious attacks. So SSL will always be working in the backdrop and won’t eat any of your resources. Besides, it will encrypt connections to the websites.

For SSL, you will need an invoicing program that offers this protection. For example, Xero, FreshBooks, and Quickbooks.

2. Secure data centers

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Another option for keeping your data centers secure is through securing the hosts of your data. This means that this will keep the server safe and secure.

Securing the servers becomes a necessity when using online applications for the management of confidential documents. How can your data servers be at risk? Of course, they are at risk because of natural disasters. What if an earthquake hit that area? Likewise, someone might steal the data or can cause security breaches.

Therefore, you need programs like QuickBooks that can store your data in tier-4 centers. Thus, your data will have the ultimate security. Some other programs that offer extended security are Zoho and FreshBooks.

This software offers maximum protection because its servers are placed in geographically diverse regions. Likewise, they also use biometric security and their data centers are placed under multiple physical levels of security. This makes them secure and safe from any possible attacks.

3. App-level protection

Another thing that you can have for your data is protection at the application level. If you are providing an application for shopping from your site, you will provide invoices online. This can put your data in danger. However, you can prevent such attacks by using protection at every level. App-level protection will not allow search engines, bots, and others do not have any access to your data.

The software for this will encrypt the name of the files. This encryption will restrict the access of your clients and even team members. So only a limited number of people can have access to all that information. Thus, you will have control over your business.