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How to Choose an Investing Platform for Both Short and Long-Term Investing

by Tracy Finke

The financial and business worlds have never been crazier. The volatility in both fields is pretty amazing, and it is hard to say what is going to happen in the future. It is not a secret that well-known situations we had in the last couple of years (and now) have made all the industries look riskier.

Starting a business is challenging and more and more entrepreneurs have commonly decided on the same thing. They wanted to become investors!

Becoming an investor isn’t as difficult as you think. Of course, the mandatory thing you need to have is initial capital. Without a larger amount of money, you won’t manage to establish a high profit. That is the rule you won’t manage to change. However, the initial capital does not have to be big. On the contrary, if you are a beginner, then it is much easier for you to start your journey with small steps.

But, that’s not it! Another thing you need to have in mind is choosing the best possible investing platform for short- and long-term investing. If you are new to this world, then it will probably be difficult to pick the right ones immediately. However, after reading this article, your knowledge will be much better and you will reduce the chances of making a mistake.

We would like to highlight some of the main ways to make things right. All the methods are equally good and you can use whichever you want. Of course, you can mix them in case you see that certain moves do not give you all the information. Let’s go!

Read Reviews and Comparisons Online

Source: broadly.com

The easiest way to find some appropriate answers is to research the online world. As a rule of thumb, this is the most popular method that people often use. They would like to hear the opinion of experienced investors or those that are somehow connected with that industry.

Apart from typical reviews, you may manage to find certain comparisons of different platforms. You will see a table and analysis of each feature they have. In most cases, people compare two of them, and if you want to find a good example of a post like that, click here.

Understand What Your Needs Are

Source: guru.com

Many of our readers probably tried to find an answer to which investment platform is the best one. Apart from the advertisements you can find (that are certainly not subjective), you won’t find a strict answer. The reason for that is simple – different platforms come with different benefits and features that can be suitable for different individuals.

That is the reason why your first task is to define the goals that you have. It doesn’t matter if they are short-term or long-term; defining them precisely will help you determine whether certain features are suitable for you or not.

We strongly recommend you complete this part of the job on your own. Do not consult with other investors because they all have different requirements and expectations. Some platforms reward the most loyal users; others want to find a platform that is completely user-friendly. Determine alone who you are and ensure that you find something suitable for your needs.

Research the Reputation as Well

Source: etc-corporate.org

You need to know who stands behind any platform that seems legit to you. Researching the reputation is one of the key things you should not skip at any moment. You will definitely find out more about the satisfaction of the users if the platform allows users to leave comments. If not, this does not necessarily have to be bad. But, if there is nothing to hide, a logical question would be – why would one platform decide on that move?

Anyway, it is worth mentioning that people should not stop there. Instead of that, they should do external research and discover the reputation of the company on other review websites. For example, you can check out TrustPilot, Yelp, or simply Google. If you see that most of the comments are negative, why would you waste your time? On the other hand, if the comments are mostly positive, why would you hesitate too much? Use one of the other options to additionally confirm the legacy or reputation of the platform you plan to pick.

Of course, the last thing you can do is check mainstream media. Be sure they won’t pay a lot of attention to investment platforms that do not deserve that. If you see the platform was involved in certain scandals, immediately skip it and find another one.

Meet the Platform Better

Source: globalbanks.com

Who owns the platform that you plan to use for investing? There is no reason not to check out the About Us page to find out more details. There may be some data that you will not like. Apart from that, it is crucial to read the legal documents, privacy policy, and white paper of the company. These three documents will tell you whether the data you share with the company are 100% safe, what happens if you lose money, what are guarantees, etc.

The most professional platform will try to answer all the questions that potential users would have. Even if you don’t find everything on the About Us page, there is a big chance you will find more information in the FAQ section. However, even if there are no answers to the doubts that you have, you should contact customer support.

Getting the explanations is not the only reason why you should do that. You also need to check out whether the customer service is proactive and useful. If you need to wait for hours to get an answer, that means the platform isn’t professional in the way it represents itself.


Some people may tell – are all these moves really necessary? Well, without any doubt, the answer to that question is YES. If you want to be sure of the reputation and quality of the platform, then you must pass through at least some of these steps to get a clear answer. If you want to find an average platform, then you can only listen to recommendations you get from the commercials and social media ads. Mix one or more tips shared in this article, and ensure that reaching your investment goals is much easier and safer!