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This is How Umer Idrisi Closed his Shop and Started Working at Home

by Nina Smith

Sometimes working at home whether it is the middle of a pandemic or normal days burns us out and that’s the same thing that Umer Idrisi (award-winning blogger from Pakistan) experienced when he was not able to run his mobiles-shop and survive on a day-to-day earning.

He started his first blog AllBlogThings.com in 2014 and never looked back. After a few ups and downs, he is now working as a full time blogger, a startup founder and more. I asked him a few questions about how he became a well-known blogger, found a search engine, and how he is now happily managing all of his work from home without getting any burnout.

Sharing his success, he also shared a few tips with me that can help us all to be self-motivated and learn new things everyday while working for a living.

Here’s what he suggested:

1. Find Your Passion

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In the first, he pressured that we should find our passion, and for this, we should do whatever is needed. For example, we can play a favorite game, go on a vacation, study a new book or spend some time with our teachers and parents. This will bring us to think deeply and understand what we are really passionate about. He emphasized how important it is to find one’s passion as nobody can really do any great without knowing what he/she is looking to achieve.

2. Forget Your Loved Ones

After the first step, he suggested that we have to forget our loved ones (friends, neighbors, and also family members) and go behind the curtains, we have to focus on what we want to achieve rather than solving, resolving, and then recreating general problems. As every family has some issues, we should forget those unrealistic and not-so-important problems and forget them to be ready for doing something that not everybody is looking at.

3. Read, Watch, Follow

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After cleaning your path to get yourself ready, you can start your self-improvement process by reading books, articles, and whatever you get your hands on such as newspapers, magazines, and more. You should watch English-language movies and understand how the actors are speaking and how they are delivering the words. Follow your favorite business personalities and learn about their business models.

4. Generate Some Funds

After the above three steps, you have to sit on your bed or your favorite corner of your home, open your laptop, and create an account on any of your favorite freelancing websites. Why? because you have to generate some funds now. Yes, you don’t have to ask your parents or friends for money. There are some big platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, and more that can help you earn some dollars by completing small tasks such as writing an essay or writing something on your neck. Just go and find the easiest job you can do on these platforms and share your gigs in Facebook groups or online forums to generate some quick money.

5. Work, Fail, Repeat

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If you think that you can generate enough funds without doing the extra hard work, you are wrong here. It will take some time to get the first order and you can network with relative people to understand how the freelancing world works. You can watch some free courses on YouTube. If you are still not understanding this thing, go and fail, you can repeat the process unlimited times. Keep on trying and building your skills to conquer it one day.

6. Learn

Finally, you will learn the hardest and smartest ways of generating some income for a living. In the first 6 months, you will begin generating the grocery money. Yes, if you keep on focusing on learning, failing, repeating, giving more time to these tasks, and interacting with relative people you will succeed. The first 6 months are critical as some guys get into the trap of quick-rich schemes and there are thousands of scammers looking at newbies.

How These Tasks Changed His Mind About Working at Home?

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He said:
I used to work in my shop (a mobile-devices-shop) and I was really pissed-off about how my friends were making jokes about me as I was trying to earn using the internet and that was a new thing in our village. One day I decided to close down the shop (it was earning me nothing but an internet connection) and I did it by doing some freelance work by selling my content writing services to some local clients. It helped me to stay at home and work in peace. I started to work on my blog and focused on generating more traffic by publishing more quality content. It turns out to be the best decision I ever made.

He further added, “I am now working full-time from my room that I built out of my online earnings and looking forward to focusing on my dream-projects.”

I asked him about some of his dream projects and to share what he is looking to do. He didn’t share much, but here’s something interesting for you guys.

  • He is working on a project called SearchOye (the first search engine of Pakistan) and looking forward to making it large. He is working on a crawler too and currently looking for a perfect partnership.
  • He want to make every youngster earn online and for this purpose, he is looking forward to create free courses (but due to his projects, he is currently delaying it)
  • Umer also shared that his dream is to see his country at the top of tech-world as he sees the potential that is not delivering to the world just because lack of the opportunities

So, he shared the best tips (quick tips) that could help us grow and decide whether we should go out or stay at home to earn more than a job.

To me, Umer Idrisi is doing really great and I am looking forward to follow his footprints for getting success in my blogging journey.

What do you say?