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How To Style Short Hair

by William Gist

Picture it now – it’s sunny, hot and you’re sweating underneath your long luscious hair. Now is a better time than ever to go for the chop!

Short hair is one of All Things Hair’s absolute favorite styles. It’s edgy, trendy and yet somehow timeless – short hair ticks pretty much all of our boxes! It may sound simple, but it can totally transform your look, all whilst flattering your face and adding something to your style.

Whether you’re going for Parisian vibes or just want something androgynous like the pixie cut, get inspired by our styling tips, which will help you make that crucial choice between hairstyles. If you’re going to take the plunge, you need to be prepared!

The Crown Braid


If you think that short hair will limit your styling possibilities then you couldn’t be any further from the truth – you can have just as much fun with short hair, it’s just that you have less to work with!

Start by taking a side section and Dutch braid your hair diagonally (braid your hair by crossing the pieces under each other instead of the traditional way). Repeat on the other side and you have got an amazing crown braid – perfect for summer events or just for every day outings by the pool.

Beach Waves


Give your hair more volume and bounce by creating beach waves – and they aren’t just perfect for the beach, but add the perfect casual, carefree touch to your look! Use a salt spray before scrunching your hair from the ends up. This will give your hair the natural “I’ve just hit the beach” vibe that we long for – we may not be surfer babes, but we sure deserve to feel like one!

It is simple and no fuss, and is a nice heat-free alternative to curling your hair with an iron or heated rollers.

Parisian Bangs


We love the Parisian look – it’s timeless, chic and still fun and stylish. We know, everyone gasps in horror when they think of getting bangs, but it’s not something that everyone regrets! A bob with a fringe screams Parisian vibes and looks elegant.

Before making this drastic decision – you need to be sure, as bangs sure are high maintenance. Styling and regular trims will be part of the package. If you’re a bit nervous, test out fake bangs using clip-ins to see if they suit your face shape.

All you need is the Breton stripe tee and you’re good to go!

A Curly Shag


We have seen it on the runway, and now it’s time to rock it in real life. Because yes, some styles on the runway are achievable. Play with your texture and volume with the curly shag. Its retro vibe adds an androgynous edge to your style. It’s rock’n’roll, and consists of choppy layers and tomboy curls. Be sure to head to a hair stylist to avoid the mullet look – we love the 80s, don’t get us wrong, but we do not approve of that! Think Alexa Chung more than Billy Ray Cyrus in the 80s.

The Mushroom Cut


The mushroom haircut is the chic version of the bowl haircut. Gone are the days where it was seen as your mom’s dodgy attempt at cutting your hair – it’s now an avant-garde and Mode way of styling your hair. The choppy mushroom cut is so futuristic and edgy, it’s tomboyish but the layers add a touch of femininity to your look. Ruffle your hair with texturizing spray for a bit of volume. To finish the look off, we are thinking a pair of statement earrings for an Instagrammable look!

The Half-Up Pony


Just because you have short hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t tie your hair up! You too can still embrace your inner Ariana Grande with shorter locks. The half-up pony is such an easy look to pull off and it keeps your hair out of your face during those hotter temperatures! Section the part of your hair that you will tie up and get your trusty straighteners and heat protection spray out. Be sure to curl the ends for a hint of volume and extra bounce before tying the top section up into a high ponytail.

The Messy Pixie


Messy is cool – the “I just got out of bed look” is the one that all the fashion editorials love! Messy pixies, in particular, are still in, they really highlight your face and create texture. Opt for shorter sides and plenty of volume on top for a feminine touch to the pixie cut. We love a tousled look on top for the messiest look possible, and spray with texturizing spray to lock in the look!

Space Buns


Miley may have rocked them in the last decade, but just because it’s 2024, doesn’t mean you have to wave them goodbye! It’s perfect for hiding second or third day hair, and they look really sweet and playful! Create a zigzag parting from the front of your hair down to the nape of your neck, tie them into two high bunches. Leave two loose strands around your face before wrapping the ponytails round themselves to create buns.

Add a bold lip to the look to make it chic and you’re ready to go!

The Low Bun


The Olsen sisters sure know how to rock the low bun. It has a bohemian and sophisticated look – and you don’t need long hair to attempt the look. The low bun is perfect for showcasing your jewelry and looks super chic. Start with clean and dry hair, and add a slither of dry shampoo to add texture to your low bun.

Tie your hair into a low ponytail and circle it around the base to create a low ponytail, hold the bun to secure the hair tie around it. If you want it messy, just twist your hair before twisting it around the base and secure with bobby pins. As we said earlier – messy is in, and it’s here to stay!