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How To Stop Pain In Sciatic Nerve?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Before we get into the topic on how to stop pain in the sciatic nerve, it’s important to know why it hurts. If you have a bone spur or maybe a slipped disk, either of those can press on the sciatic nerve. This means you have sciatica. Sciatica’s symptoms include burning sensation, numbness, weakness or pain. Some say it feels like needles while others say it feels like a quick electric shock passes through your leg.

If you are sure this is what you are suffering from then follow these tips to try and reduce or completely remove the pain.

1.    Let time heal it


This is not the best remedy most people want to hear while they are in pain, but it actually works. Waiting it out has proven to be the best treatment for sciatic nerve pain. About 85-95% of people get much better within days or weeks.

2.    More movement


Don’t try to help yourself by sparing your leg from movement. On the contrary, keep moving since resting can cause your muscles to weaken which might become more painful to your sciatic nerve. If the pain is bearable, try stretching, going for a walk or maybe even a run. Don’t miss out on physical activities and keep your body moving.

Make sure you are doing lower back stretches because that is probably where the sciatic nerve is pinched.

3.    Try hot or cold

Hot and cold may help with sciatica. Cold is usually best for a recent injuries while heat is recommended after about 72 hours of the injury. No reason not to try both since it’s perfectly safe. Hold an ice pack in the morning for about 10-15 minutes and at night a heating pad for about 10-15 minutes.

4.    Try pain relief medications


Medications like naproxen or ibuprofen can bring down inflammation or may help you with your pain. Don’t take more doses than the recommended unless you get a doctor’s approval.

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5.    Prescription drugs

If none of these home remedies are helping you, then make sure to talk to your doctor. There is a variety of prescription medications, like muscle relaxers that might make you feel much better.

6.    Physical therapist


Physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles that support your lower back and might correct your bad posture. The physical therapist will give you a list of stretching techniques that you can do at home. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and not hurt yourself during the process.

7.    Try acupuncture


This alternative medicine practice is starting to get popular even with Western doctors. Research shows that this Chinese medicine might work even better than traditional medicine for back pain.

8.    Try a massage


A professional massage is not just about relaxation. Massage therapy can ease pain and might improve how well you can move your body or in this situation your lower back. It also gets the blood flowing which helps your body to heal faster.

These are the tips we think might completely heal your sciatica or at least help relieve the pain.