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How To Monitor Your Computer

by William Gist

Computer monitoring is not something regarded as strange or obsessive in today’s world. Due to the ever-growing technological expenses, the computer has taken center stage within our society and will continue to do so in the next decades if not for hundreds of years. Computer monitoring is the simple act of monitoring your own or someone else’s computer, and there are many reasons as to why someone would do it.

One of the most common reasons as to why someone would monitor another person’s computer is if the computer belongs to their children or their employees. It is regarded as common practice within large and small companies that all computers of employees be monitored at all time.

This is done so that executives can make sure that their employees are doing their job, rather than mess and goof around during working hours. Computer monitoring of your employees has statistically proven to work. It increases the employees’ productivity, as well as, lowers time wasting.


While monitoring someone else’s computer is wrong and is regarded as a federal crime, the use of computer monitoring is not for those purposes. We mentioned how parents deploy such software to monitor their children’s behavior while on the Internet, and companies use it to monitor their employees’ behavior during work hours.

According to one such software, wolfeye.us, the use of computer monitoring software can greatly relief parents and managers by knowing every action that their children or employee makes on the Internet.

How can Computer Monitoring Software Help You?

There are far more reasons as to why you might need one such software, and we are going to tell you all about that.

•    Monitor Unauthorized PC Access

You can use computer monitoring software on your own personal computer if you’re under the impression that someone is hacking your PC. While hacking is a common thing in today’s world, monitoring your computer isn’t. With such software, you can effectively monitor every action that the hacker makes on your own PC.


•    Monitor the Internet Behavior of Your Children

Children are what they are – children. Because their minds are growing by the minute, curiosity can often times take center stage. By using computer monitoring system, you can note and register every action your child makes while browsing the Internet or whenever he/she is using the PC. This computer monitoring software can track anything from Internet history to even the person who your kid is chatting with on various social media websites.


•    Employee Monitoring

And the most common reason as to why the sudden rise of computer monitoring software is to monitor employees and staff. With such software, you can monitor whether your employees or staff are spending their work hours effectively and productively. You can see whether they’re hanging on social media or whether they’re doing their jobs.


How to Monitor Your Computer?

In order to monitor your personal computer or work office PC, you will need to buy licensed software that will allow you to do it. The technology is advancing so much that you can even monitor several devices all from the clutches of your smartphone. While there’s practical use behind the term computer monitoring, be aware that any illegal use of such software can get you into a lot of trouble.