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How to Get Your Invention Public

by William Gist

Bringing a product to life can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. It is one that does not happen overnight or by chance. Instead, successful entrepreneurs follow specific principles that allow them to turn their goals into reality. In this article, you will be able to read and learn how to get your product to life. Let’s take a look:

Educate Yourself About Inventing and Business


What sets apart a good idea from a good product is implementation. Everybody can come up with an idea, but not everyone can turn their idea into a business. The idea is just a small part of the entire process. Educating yourself about how to generate a profit from your idea is absolutely necessary. Without understanding how to transform your idea into a business, you cannot succeed. There are several ways that you can educate yourself including listening to podcasts and reading books about innovations, startups, and general business.

Stay Organized

As you move forward with your idea, it will become increasingly difficult to track your progress. That is why you should keep an inventor’s notebook. If you decide to patent your idea, by recording all your ideas, conversations, and thoughts about your invention in a chronological way, you are building up a defense for your patent infringements. The dated notebook will be a record that can validate your progress if someone tries to steal your idea. The notebook will also help you to keep track and moving towards your objectives.

Conduct a Market Research

Before you start production, an important, often skipped steep is researching the market. Besides your market niche, you should also look for additional markets your product might fit in. Do not only do research online, conduct surveys or focus groups in order to gather the information you need.

Conduct Patent Research


A lot of people think that getting a patent should be their first step. However, since inventors often spend a lot of time and capital on a patent application, this should be done later on. Most products are not patentable and there is not a department that will enforce patents. A government department that searches for patent infringements such as the IRS searching for tax violation, do not exist. If someone steals or copies your idea, it will be up to you to engage in a legal battle. It is important that your idea is not based on someone else’s. If you want to see more information about getting your invention public, click here.

Develop a Prototype


If your product can be prototyped at your home, just go for it! If not, it is time to find someone that will help you create your prototype. By developing a pre-production prototype, you can test your idea and see if it needs some adjustments or improvements.

Create a Business Plan

While you are waiting for your prototype, it is time to create a business plan. Your business plan should include a basic concept, strategy that you will implement, market and competitor analysis, the credibility of you, and a financial plan. A business plan will help you stay organized.

Conduct Market Testing and Adjust Accordingly

Once you get a prototype, you should get it to as many people as you can. Conduct focus groups on a wide range of factors including the price, packaging, originality, product functionality, and clarity of intended purpose. By testing your product with real consumers, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments.

Manufacture Your Invention


Now that you have finished the steps above, you can start manufacturing your product. There are various companies that will help you manufacture your product, hence, you should find one that fits all your needs and requirements perfectly.


There are various steps when it comes to bringing your invention to the public. Creating an idea is just a small part of the bigger picture. By following the steps from above, your idea might become everything that you have ever imagined.