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7 Easy Steps on How to Get Good at Bowling

by Ingeborg

Bowling is one of the most fun sports there is. It’s a sport that you can play in competition and one that forces you to always improve upon your skills.

Whether you are a hobbyist or want to go pro, you should always try to master your bowling skills.

But what are the best tips for improving your game?

We’ve put together this detailed guide on how to get good at bowling.


The Guide on How to Get Good at Bowling

According to the experienced professionals a www.murreybowling.com, before you start thinking about winning at bowling, you need to first improve your skills. The first step should be to find a great bowling alley. If you have several bowling allies in your locale, you want to choose the most successful one.

Once you’ve found the best bowling alley for your needs, here’s what else you need to know:

1. Bowling Ball


You should buy a bowling ball and stick to it. Do not depend on the balls that are available at the alley.

You will get used to this ball and use it as your ‘weapon of choice.’ A bowling ball should be between 11-12 pounds for female bowlers. For male bowlers, 14-15 pounds is the ideal weight.

You should also test out the grip of the bowling ball. You might want to invest in at least three bowling balls at first. This way you can experiment to see which one works best for you.

2. Relax on Your Backswing


Often, novice bowlers will be aggressive with their backswing. But for effective bowling, you should have a slow backswing.

You should move your bowling ball backward in a gradual fashion. Your front swing is when you should release your energy. Make sure that when you are focused on your backswing that your arm remains steady.

This ensures that the alignment remains consistent. When swinging forward, make sure you do not change the alignment of your arm. Only when you are aiming for a spare, should you alter the alignment.

3. Find a Great Pair of Bowling Shoes


Like a bowling ball, you should never rely on the shoes that are provided at the bowling alley.

You want flat shoes that fit you. They shouldn’t be too tight but a loose shoe will wreak havoc on your game. Converse low-rise all-stars are a great option for bowling shoes.

If, however, you do find a pair of shoes at a bowling alley that you like then you should ask the management on where you can purchase this same pair.

4. Position Yourself


Before you throw the ball down the lane, you need to learn how to position yourself.

You should always start by standing upright. Hold the ball firm, making sure your fingers are deep inside the holes. The next step is to balance the ball on your palm. Keep the ball at your stomach height or your chest height. Use your other hand to firmly grip the ball on the side closest to your hand.

Once you have gripped the ball firmly, you can slightly bend your knees. Your shoulders must always be relaxed. Keep your primary foot in the center of the lane. If you are a right-hander then keep your left foot forward and vice-versa if you are a left-hander.

Make sure that your wrist is always upright. It should never droop lazily at any time during your backswing or your front swing.

5. Aim for a Strike


Your natural state should always be to aim for a strike. If you are a right-hander, use the center arrow on the lane to aim. You should aim to roll the ball over this center arrow to aim for a strike.

If you are a left-hander, use one of the arrows to the left of the center to aim for a strike. You may need to throw a curveball in order to bring the bowling ball aligned with the middle pins.

The goal should always be to knock the middle pin in the front row as well as the middle pin in the second row. If you throw too gently you might miss this second pin.

6. How to Throw


When you have to throw your bowling ball, you want to push the ball forward with your free hand.

This allows you to hold the bowling ball without it dropping easily. If it does, the ball may easily roll into the gutter or not hit the pins you desire. To perfect aim, you need to support your bowling ball with your free hand.

When you take your ball backward, make sure you stretch it as far back as possible. This is not always easy and depends on your flexibility. But if you can, stretch your arm so that it is aligned with your shoulder.

When bringing your arm forward, keep your wrist straight at all times. If you find that it has rotated, you can bring it back again and start your shot again.

When bringing the ball forward, make sure you lean forward. Keep your primary foot forward and push your back foot forward – making sure it doesn’t get off the ground.

When you are ready to release the ball, rapidly remove your fingers from the holes by pushing them upward.

7. Practice Makes Perfect


As with any sport, you need to master bowling by practicing. First focus on improving your skills before competing with others.

You should also consider experimenting with the different bowling balls you have purchased. You should also try tricks such as curving the ball or spinning it. See if you can practice for harder shots such as hitting spares.

You also want to exercise your body as you would for any sport. In particular, you need to improve your arm strength. The more force and speed used to release your ball – the greater the chance of hitting a strike.

See You at the Alley


Now that you know how to get good at bowling, we hope to see you at the alley! Keep practicing and you’ll be able to compete with your friends and win every time!

If you want to invest in great bowling equipment, contact your local bowling supply distributor. They can guide you on purchasing the right products for you.