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How to Get a Budgeting Loan and Personal Independence Payment

by Ingeborg

The personal independence payment or PIP is a financial benefit enjoyed by the citizens in the UK. This welfare program and the objective of this program are to help the people with disability to long term medical condition — this program named PIP and introduced in 2012 to replace the former DLA or Disability Living Allowance.

The allowance allotted to a person entirely depends upon the current or present medical condition of the applicant. There are some other programs that are designed to serve the low-income section of the society to help to overcome the financial crisis. Let us in this article discuss these benefits and the process of application.

PIP or Personal Independence Payment


It is a financial program run by the UK government to help people with long term medical condition or disability. The amount is given to the eligible people to cover the expense under the severe medical condition. The amount of money is received by the eligible applicant within a week of application. However, the amount entirely depends upon the present medical condition of the person applying to get the money.

Eligibility of the Applicant

It is only a payment for the disable or long term medically suffered persons. One has to prove his medical condition before the authority involved to receive the money. The PIP benefit also has age criteria. If a person is older than 64 old or younger than 16 years, he or she is not eligible to get this allowance. And the applicant must be a citizen of UK for at 2 of the past 3 years. You can check your eligibility to get PIP benefit by calling the PIP phone number. The expert will understand your status on the aspect of PIP allowance. However, the physical criteria are not included in the eligibility list. Only the medical condition matters to have this financial assistance.

Applying for the PIP Benefits

To receive the PIP benefits, one must contact the Department of Work and pension. The department will provide a form to apply. All you need to form completely and currently calling PIP phone number you can get the help of the expert to fill the form as it needed to be filled. They will also look at your form if it was completed properly. The benefit is given in two parts, one is mobility allowance, and the other is a daily living allowance. Each payment has its maximum or minimum value, and it depends on the medical assessment made by the government medical team. The process of assessment is made how the medical condition hampers one’s daily living.

Some Other Facts about PIP Benefits


If you somehow are denied by the authority base on the assessment result, you can appeal for reconsidering the decision. The benefits show exceptional rule for the applicant suffering critical condition like the end of life in a few months. However to know all the fact on your condition get the help of PIP phone number.

Budgeting Loan


The financial benefit system in the UK is designed to ensure the basic requirements of the low-income section. But if a situation appears that an unexpected expense arise and one cannot cover it, the budgeting program is useful. The financial benefits differ from the minimum amount of £100 to a maximum amount of one’s need. You can take help of budgeting loan universal credit to fill the gap of your financial crisis. This amount may be given to cover the expense regarding clothing, mobility expense, buying furniture. But if you have to remember that will be repaid within 104 weeks of the amount you took.

The requirements of having the budgeting loan include few things. One must be a recipient of any of the other UK financial benefit system. Not only he or she must receive the benefit amount within the past 25 weeks prior to applying for the budgeting credit. The amount allotted will be received within 15 working days. The level of your saving account will be the factor to decide the amount you are going to have.

It is not mandatory to take all the money is allotted to you. One can withdraw the money as per the requirement.

The important reminder about budgeting is that it is a loan after. At some, the taker has to repay the amount. This is not like other loan provided by the commercial bank. But still it a financial burden to you and you should not take if other options are there. Before going for budgeting, you should investigate if you are eligible for any other financial benefits.

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