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How Much Pay-Scale Can a Project Manager Expect in India?

by Elsa Stringer

There are no standard rules for Indian IT organizations most definitely. It’s for the most part on the person with respect to the amount they can negotiate. Indian Managers don’t procure a lot of when contrasted with worldwide measures, anybody at a comparative situation in US will earn multiple times of their Indian correspondents.

There are a lot of motivations to turn into a Project Manager, regardless of whether it’s the open door for progression or the capacity to really have any kind of effect inside an association. While non-money related reasons contrast from individual to individual, one thing is sure—remuneration is constantly a basic part of the dynamic procedure with regards to your profession.


If you are considering of a career as a Project Manager, There’s a good news for you. Several studies predicts a higher demand of Project Managers across globe. Organizations across all sectors are recruiting Managers at various experience levels. As it is said, now is the best time to live in this era of technology which provides all access at your doorsteps. Its right time to become a Project Manager click here to enroll for PMP Certification.

Let’s, Learn about Project Manager first,

Project Managers are the principle catalyst of a venture. They are liable for driving a task through all different periods of Project Management in a controlled way. The different periods of Management incorporate arranging, executing, checking, controlling and shutting ventures. They additionally shoulder the obligation of the whole undertaking extension, venture group the executives, chance estimation alongside the different assets required in the task.

This is what the rising Skill-set gap means for promising Project Management experts like you.


As indicated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), there will be an interesting 90 million Project Manager related jobs by 2027 around the world. Presently here’s another side of the story-just about half of the current undertaking administrators hold an accreditation that will equip them with the difficulties of tomorrow, in overall consideration, the majority of the workforce will be in their retirement phase by the upcoming decade.

For any task to be fruitful, venture the management resembles the skeleton on the project undertaking without which it will undoubtedly disintegrate down. The significance of project management was acknowledged, harking back to the nineteenth century yet was perceived as a particular calling in the mid-twentieth century. From that point forward, the life of the task the project management professionals has never been dull.


According to the Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017–2027 by PMI®, it is anticipated that throughout the following decade, associations everything being equal and types will require approx. 88 million individuals working in various undertaking the Project Managers Jobs.Project Managers are answerable for different assignments like giving vision and strategic the undertaking, conveying among groups and partners, increment the productivity, gauge cost and time, control scope, plan the work, chance administration and so forth.

With all these substantial duties, venture chiefs appreciate the most luxurious compensations among all undertaking administration professionals. The normal compensation of an undertaking director goes somewhere in the range of $63,411 and $84,531 in the US and approx. ₹1,818,560 in India. Yet, their pay reaches can change contingent upon different elements like accreditations they hold, extra abilities, long stretches of task the executives experience, kind of industry, geology and so on.

According to Payscale.com, below is the graph depicting the average Project Manager salary for India.

Entry level Project Manager Salary (IND):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary INR  237,650 – INR 1,125,151
Bonus INR  4,894 – INR  154,507
Profit Sharing INR 0.00 – INR  101,164
Commission INR  26,000
Total Pay INR  239,808 – INR 1,185,568
Companies Salaries/year
Infosys ₹1,500,120
Cognizant ₹1,500,000
IBM ₹1,400,000
Wipro $95,814
Syntel $93,011
LTI $75,879

Source: Glassdoor

Mid-Career Project Manager Salary (IND):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary INR  474,757 – INR 1,727,870
Bonus INR 10,107 –INR  237,792
Profit Sharing INR 0.00 – INR  296,714
Commission INR  50,000
Total Pay INR 488,036 –INR  1,818,675
      INR 25,455 – INR350,179
Profit Sharing INR 0.00 – INR 303,391
Commission               INR 50,868
Total Pay INR  760,107 –INR  2,413,644

Project Manager Salary: Certification-Based

There are many project management certifications available in the market which legalizes a professional’s education and experience in project management. Few of the major certifications are:

Certification Salary Range Per Annum (IND)
Project management Professional (PMP)® ₹2,000,000
PRINCE2® ₹1,000,000
Six Sigma Black Belt ₹1,193,631

Source: PayScale

Project Manager Salary: Industry-Based


Last yet unquestionably not least, the factor that impacts a Managers compensation is the kind of industry. Independent of the business, a task administrator gets paid intensely yet at the same time, there are slight varieties. Beneath I have recorded down a couple of the business based pay rates for the confirmed experts. Note that, for guaranteed and non-affirmed experts pay rates can fluctuate between 10-22%.

Industry Salary Range (Worldwide)
General $55,000 – $125,000
Financial/Insurance $114,000 – $144,000
Tech/IT $65,000 – $165,000
Health Care $80,000 – $86,000
Staffing/Consulting $111,000 – $121,000
Engineering $79,000 – $143,000
Travel Services $83,000 – $90,000

Sources: PayScale, Glassdoor, PMI, Indeed.com, Salary.com, Careerbuilder, Angel List, Robert Half Company



  1. Valuable authentications: Certifications like Program Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Management (CAPM), Six-Sigma, and so on, are an impetus for quick advancements. Whatever other degree that is all inclusive perceived will bring you the ideal outcomes.
  2. Pick your industry cautiously: This is one choice you need to make before you endeavor any affirmation. Know the and why in advance. That way, you won’t be dependent on outer streams to spur you or to plunge further. Building up a forefront instinctive reasoning will be the distinctive factor among different candidates.
  3. Regardless of the market condition, there will consistently be a steady requirement for enthusiastic task supervisors across different businesses, however just the most submissive and devoted ones will endure. The potential as on today is tremendous, and it will keep on ascending for the following 10 years as well.