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How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Podcast Studio?

by Tracy Finke

Many people think that starting a podcast can be very expensive but this is not always true. There are various factors that decide the cost of a podcast studio. If you already own a PC, then you can do the recording, the editing, and the launching work in less than 200 dollars. However, if you wish to purchase all new and high-end equipment for, then setting up a podcast can be a little more expensive than this.

High end equipment no doubt will be helpful in increasing the quality of your recordings but for the initial episodes, they are not at all compulsory. Some of the basic components that you require to set-up a podcast include the following:

1. A desktop or computer

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A computer is an essential element that one requires to start a podcast. It is not always possible to manage your recording through your smartphone. It may cost you around a few hundred dollars depending upon the company and model. However, you can totally cut down this cost if you already have a computer.

However, if you don’t own a desktop already, there is another option for you. There are various second-hand computers available in the market. It will help you in saving money. A second-hand computer can cost you as low as $200.

You can also access the PC that is available in cafes and libraries. These PCs are for public use only, so you don’t have to hesitate in using them. If you do some little research, you can even find libraries that have podcasting studios in them. You can lend that space for free or even on rent depending upon the rules of the library. Check out Poddster if you are looking forward to renting a podcast studio.

2. A microphone

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Almost every computer these days has an in-built microphone in them. Therefore, you don’t actually need to purchase one to get started. However, later on, you should consider investing in a good microphone because the quality of in-built microphones are not helpful in producing quality sounds. The cost of a quality microphone ranges between 50 to 400 dollars. So, you can purchase the one depending upon your budget.

3. A soundproof space for recording

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Something else you want to set your brain towards, which is fundamental, particularly assuming you live in an uproarious climate, is making your digital broadcast recording space soundproof. Nonetheless, it will do you great and assist you with setting aside cash assuming you live in a peaceful environment, and that implies that you don’t require soundproof space for recording podcasts.

In any case, assuming you want one – there is soundproof gear, similar to foam cushions you can use to mute noise coming from outside.

4. Editing software

After you have successfully recorded, it is time to edit your recordings and for that you need editing software. Fortunately there are various good quality editing software available that you can access for free or by paying a little amount to buy their membership. All you have to do is go to your Google search engine box and type there that you are looking for some open source editing software for your podcasts.

Contingent upon your editing requirements, there are a few paid tools too. Some expense as low as $9 every month, while others cost $500 for a one-time frame buy. While choosing what tool to buy, it’s generally really smart to go through the reviews and watch instructional videos on the best way to utilize the software. The justification behind this is to learn about the glitches in the software and to decide how simple or troublesome it is to utilize the tool before you get it.

5. Headphones

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Some people can get confused and say why do they need headphones? The simple and straightforward answer to this is after recording your podcast, you need to monitor or check your audio before launching it and here comes the role of headphones. Apart from this, you will also need headphones while editing your podcast. This will help you in editing and removing the unwanted sounds in your recordings.

There are many brands who have come up with their high-quality headphones in the market. You can easily get a good headphone in the range of 70 to 500 dollars. Make sure to check the reviews before purchasing any equipment online.

6. Artwork

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How will your audience identify your podcasts? For that you need to get a thumbnail after recording your podcast. You need to ensure that the artwork you are using is eye-catching. There are many free tools available on the internet where you can create these thumbnails and the most popular ones are Adobe Photoshop and Canva. However, these software are meant for people who have knowledge about graphics and designing. If you design the artwork yourself, it helps in saving money.

If you do not wish to design the artwork yourself, you can employ an expert on independent sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You will observe many professionals can help you with your artwork for as low as $5. All things considered, if you decide to hire somebody for this, you might have to peruse their audits completely prior to submitting an order to guarantee you are hiring somebody who knows what they are doing.

To Sum Up

Setting up a podcast with high-quality equipment can be an expensive matter initially. However, if you are a beginner, then you can launch your first few episodes with all the basics things you might already have. For starting, you will require a computer with an in-built microphone, headphones, and editing software. You can even start a podcast for as low as $200 if you already own these basic equipment.

However, if you plan to purchase high-end products, then you should be prepared with a good budget in your hands. We have listed all the necessary components that you need to open a podcast studio. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the costs of each equipment or software that will further help you in making better decisions according to your financial plan.