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How Can I Surprise My Girlfriend On Our Anniversary?

by Dangula Bingula

Anniversaries are an important part of every relationship. It can be easy to forget the little things in life but anniversaries are one aspect that every man shouldn’t. If you want to keep your girlfriend happy you will remember all the anniversaries. But remembering is not the only thing you need to do. You have to make it special.

Surprising your girlfriend for an anniversary takes talent. Of course, she knows that you are going to remember it, but how are you going to do it. Is it a surprise gift? A surprise party? What is it? They are constantly thinking about it and making scenarios in their heads. So what you need to do is to think one step in front of her. This is a special day so you do have to do something out of the ordinary.

If you are lacking ideas, here are some great ones that you can use to surprise your girlfriend for your next anniversary.

Plan Out The Entire Evening

The best and easiest way to surprise her is to plan an entire evening out. You can invite her to join by sending her an invitation and requiring her to dress appropriately. You can make dinner and make sure that you prepare something that she really likes or has always wanted to try.


Set the mood with some music and candles. If you manage to get the atmosphere just right, half of your job is done. As a cherry on top, you can use flowerdelivery.org.uk to provide you some flowers. It will be the finishing touch that she least expects.

Wake Her Up to Her Favorite Song

A great idea is to surprise her immediately, even before she wakes. But do not be aggressive about it, trying doing it with a soothing melody. More so, you can wake her up to the tunes of her favorite song. You can even go one-step further and if you can play an instrument try and learn the song. She will love it.

You can build upon that idea by making her coffee and breakfast in bed. Try to make her as comfortable as possible and set the mood for the best anniversary ever.

Send Her a Love Letter

Romance has become lost to us due to the rise of technology. Not a lot of people send love letters or do extravagant things anymore. But you can bring that back, especially for your anniversary. Writing a love letter may be old fashioned but it still represents how much you love your girlfriend.


You can design a specific cover and have it delivered to her while she is at work or when she least expects it. But if you prefer the digital way, you can also design your love letter or a gif. Send it to her by e-mail and wish her a happy anniversary.

Do All Of Her Favorite Things

Anniversaries are when girls feel special. So in order to make her satisfy you can have her do all her favorite things. You can make a day out of it a treat her.

But choose the most important ones, because fitting everything in one day can become tiresome. Try to arrange everything beforehand, so she sees that you made an effort. Save the best for last and take her to dinner so she can relax in a wonderful setting where there’s just the two of you.

Do A Home Repair Project For Her

If you are living together with your girlfriend or are actually married, you can do something for your home. A home repair project is something which will make her really happy, especially if she doesn’t know that you were preparing it.


Try doing and making something that she has longed for. Start the project in advance, so you finish it by the anniversary. Make sure not to give anything away and always postpone it when she asks you to do it. Once you present it to her on your anniversary it will make her the happiest woman in the world.

Make A Mix CD for Her

The days of mix-tapes and mix-CDs are long behind us. But it doesn’t mean that they are extinct. Making a personalized mix of her favorite music is still a good way to show that you care. If she is really into the music she will like how much effort you have put in to choose just the best and appropriate music for the occasion.


If a CD is a small format for you, you can do so on her iPod or player where she listens to music. Make a compilation for the whole day and save the best for last where the two of you can listen to it together.