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House Moving Checklist: 6 Things To Do Before You Move

by Jovica Radulovich

If you are planning to move to a new home, you will have your hands full. You also need to prepare all the necessary resources, and most of all you will invest time. In fact, this resource is most lacking during the moving process. Usually something is forgotten, it doesn’t arrive on time or certain items are lost. You can prevent these outcomes if you start planning the project early.

We recommend that you make a checklist that will contain the tasks that you must do before the move. That way, you won’t forget anything, and the sooner you create the list, the more time you’ll have to add important items to it. To help you with this, we have selected some useful tips for you.

1. Hire professional help

The first thing you should do as soon as you know the date of the move is to contact the cleaning company, rental supplies, moving services and everyone else. This is especially important if you want to hire a moving company, as they are very busy. Consider the time of year as well as the days of the week. These are the factors that most affect the price, as well as the available dates. Therefore, you need to book your appointment as early as possible. To find out every service pro moving companies offer in order to be aware what you have to do on your own and dedicate enough time to it we recommend you to visit https://premierevanlines.com/branches/ab/premiere-van-lines-edmonton.

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2. Check the rooms in the house

Before moving into aa new home, make sure it is perfectly safe to start a new chapter in life. We’re sure you’ve made a safe choice and your new home is functional, but there are a few items you should reconsider. For example, visit all the rooms to make sure everything is working in them. Although this is your new home, it is still relatively unknown terrain for you. It will take you some time to get used to the layout of the rooms and other elements of the new home.

Focus on the most important rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure everything is OK with them, check how the windows, doors and everything else are working. Don’t forget to inspect the plumbing. Imagine moving new things in and only then noticing a leak. That would cost you a lot of money. Also check the circuit breakers, gas connections and other details.

3. Label each box

Source: rabbitmovers.com

One of the safest ways to pack all the items from your old home and move them safely to your new home. If you want them to additionally protect sensitive and valuable items, simply cover them with the appropriate material. Don’t forget to fill the boxes with sponges and similar material that will further protect the items. However, it is not enough to randomly put things in them. You need a plan. This involves dividing the boxes into several categories. It is best to separate them according to the rooms of the new home, because this will be the fastest and easiest way to unpack. You will not waste time looking for items in different boxes and will prevent chaos.

Make a list of the rooms and write down which items will be in them. For example, mark each room with a different color and get sticky notes in those colors. Since you will be packing a lot of boxes, the fastest way to organize them is to label them with sticky notes. When you arrive at your new home, you will simply arrange the boxes according to their rooms and in a very short time you will have moved in all the things.

4. Sort the objects in the boxes

If you have spent your whole life in one house, we are sure that you have many memories in this place. Your home probably contains many tangible keepsakes, such as childhood toys and other items that no one uses anymore. Follow our advice and don’t bring unnecessary items to your new home. Consider this move a fresh start and get rid of dusty items. Use three boxes and divide them into three categories. In one box, put items that you will throw away, because they are damaged or unusable. The second box should contain items that you plan to give to someone, and in the third box, put the items that you will sell. So, it’s an opportunity to earn some extra money and thus reduce the cost of moving.

There are plenty of ways to sell used items these days, but take it as serious business. He won’t take much of your time. All that is required is to check the items and determine their condition, then determine a realistic price, take photos and post them on one of the popular websites for sale. If you don’t know how the prices of certain items are moving, search for their category on the search engine and stay objective. Finally, build halls in your backyard.

5. Clean the house

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After you have packed most of your things, you can start cleaning. There is no better timing, because now nothing will bother you during this action. You can clean the large areas available to you in a very short time. In this way, you have the opportunity to thoroughly clean every corner of the house. For example, focus on hard-to-reach places. Try to bring it as close as possible to its original state, that is, to make everything as it was when you moved in. The goal should be to erase years spent in your home.

Although it is impossible, you can work on cleaning scale from bathroom tiles and the like. If you don’t have enough time to do this yourself, hire professional help. Cleaning companies are not the only option. There are also moving agencies that offer cleaning services. At the end of the process, take photos of your home to have a nice memory.

6. Check the to-do list

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Creating a to-do list involves 3 stages. The first stage is to write down the work assignments or items you plan to bring. The second stage involves the organization of subjects based on a list, and the last stage is the checking of that list. In the third phase, you should check whether you have done everything you planned.


Start packing on time. It is a prerequisite for a successful move. Otherwise, you will forget or damage something in a hurry. Whether you’re moving to another city or just a few streets away, commit to this project. It is desirable to involve the whole family and friends, but do not forget about the professionals. Make moving easy on yourself so you don’t have to move into your new home under stress.