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Honor 10 Lite – Review

by William Gist

Honor 10 Lite is a smartphone that looks good and works very well from the mid-range smartphones. It is an affordable smartphone that has similarities with the Nokia 7.1, Motorola One, and the excellent Honor 8X.

The entire Honor collection now has another member that has similar core internals like the 8X, but fit in a smaller body. The result of this combination adds nicely to the Honor family, which are excellent low-cost alternatives to the very expensive iPhones and Samsung Galaxy line.


Honor 10 Lite Price

As we mentioned, the Honor 10 Lite is a very affordable smartphone that goes somewhere in the range of $255. The smartphone has been confirmed on the European and Indian market, however, there is no news whether it will be available in the US or Australian market.

The affordable price of the Honor 10 Lite undercuts the bigger X8, and the amazing Nokia 7.1 by quite a few margins. We will get into the features and specifications later, but the price of this smartphone makes it a really excellent option for those looking for great value for their money.

Key Features of the Honor 10 Lite

With a 6.21-inch screen, sleek design, and mid-range power, the Honor 10 Lite definitely looks great as well as, punches above its weight. The smartphone has a similar design to the OnePlus 6T, is more affordable, and it feels excellent in hand. The back of the phone is made from plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and breaking the glass. With an OLEG screen that surpasses the Samsung Galaxy A7’s screen in terms of quality, the Honor 10 Lite’s smaller screen gives the entire phone a striking look.


This phone doesn’t shy away from the fact that it has plenty of storage. As most mid-range phones come with 32 GB of storage, the Honor 10 Lite goes a step further with a 64 GB, of which 50 GB is available for the user. To see more a detailed feature sheet about the Honor 10 Lite, go to thecodezine.com.

Design of the Honor 10 Lite

The sides and back of the phone are made of plastic which might be a problem for those who’re looking after that glass-edge back.  But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that this phone looks absolutely amazing for the price. Add to the fact that you receive a pre-fitted screen protector, as well as, a protective case along with the phone, the plastic back shouldn’t really be a problem.


The phone is 8mm thick and weighs 162 g, which is very lightweight for smartphones. This is, of course, due to the plastic back and sides. But one thing we’ve noticed is that although the back and sides are plastic, they look and feel as if it were glass. The phone does have that edge look found in most newer smartphones, and the phone comes in a few colors such as Sky Blue, Midnight Black, and Sapphire Blue. The gradient finish on the phone matches that of the Huawei P20 Pro and even that of the Mate 20.

The phone has a fingerprint scanner located on the rear of the phone, with two cameras also located on the back.


With a slick design and excellent features, the Honor 10 Lite is one of the best phones from that mid-range category. The price of the phones is compared to some god-awful ones, but the features and power of this phone match that of Samsung Galaxy’s A7 and others in that category. Solely because of the price of this phone, the Honor 10 Lite is an amazing phone.