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Compare Online High Street Solicitors Direct Pricing in Your Own Time

by Nina Smith

Owning property comes with a lot of different decisions worth examining over the years. Waking up one day and wanting or needing to sell it, have a mortgage, or rent it is no easy decision and implies a lot of change for the whole family. Having to move and relocate is always challenging and the question remains what is to be done with the old home. The same could be said for business offices and any other form of real estate.

Sales and purchases of property are never to be done alone so the services of agents and solicitors are necessary for things to go smoothly and without issues. What is more, employing the services of professionals is always the best course of action and yields the best and closest results to what your initial idea is.

In this article we will help you with all the information surrounding high street solicitors and their prices, as well as a lot more things worth thinking about if this is something you currently have the need of. Make sure to thoroughly read through the article to make sure not to miss a crucial piece of info. What is more, in case you have additional questions or simply want to educate yourself further on this, we advise you to check out homebuyerconveyancing.com.


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You may have heard about this term already but chances are you do not know what it means or describes. This is a law term that refers to the transfer of legal titles or real-estate properties from one owner to the next. It is important in buying, selling, and mortgaging homes and includes signing of contracts and settlements. In property law it is the ultimate form of common law and an umbrella term for a lot of different things, processes, and services that often escape the boundaries of property.


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Just like conveyancing, you have already heard the term solicitor and you may have a vague, general idea of what it is. You probably know that it is a job related to law and legal issues but there is so much more to it. Solicitors are legal practitioners who deal with different legal matters in various jurisdictions. What this means is there are numerous different solicitors and there are not necessarily related to property transfers and real estate services. Terms such as attorneys, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and advocates are often mistakenly thought to be the same, but they are different in most English speaking countries.

Fees and Pricing

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Different soliciting services cost different amounts of money, but for out purposes here we will only focus on conveyancing high street solicitor fees. Moreover, it is very different if you are buying or selling, with buying fees being about 50% more expensive than those related to selling.

For example, in the United Kingdom, conveyancing fees for buying are around £1,100 while selling will set you back £660. Those are only the base costs you will have to pay every time. Then we have the local searches fees for buying which are usually around £300. This comes down to at least £1,400 for buying and £660 for selling, and £2,060 for both if you need both services at once which does happen a lot. Most people are actively buying a new property while selling the old one.

Getting the best deal here is of the utmost importance, so combining the services of a solicitor, real estate agent, and mortgage broker may be the best course of action.

Online Pricing

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Moving house or remortgaging requires a solicitor who will manage the legal side, but what is the best way to find the right one? Like most other things nowadays, the internet is the best place to start. Search for high street solicitors in your region since they will be the most familiar with the city and neighborhood and do some research on their prices. Them compare them online without ever having to put in any of your info on any of the websites. You will not even have to specify the details surrounding your old property and the property you want.

Considering how lucrative the market is nowadays, most high street solicitors have their own websites where you can check the fees and prices for all of their services. Homebuyers and investors therefore have it rather easy and it has become increasingly simple and straightforward to compare each of their services, specialties, and of course, the prices. The fan-favorite feature they made available for the users are calculators where you simply put the information you desire and get a close estimate of the money you will have to pay. All that is left to do after is get in touch with the solicitor in question and book a meeting.

Getting in touch with them and scheduling appointments is fast and efficient. Despite them having their hands full most of the time and several clients at once, they provide great customer care and service and you can expect efficient and professional services from the top individuals in your area. Again, it is all about the best and most appealing deal out there and every single conveyancer wants to draw in more potential clients. Comparing every single thing and not just the price is the key to finding exactly the kind of person for the job you need.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Finding the right person to trust with something as big as moving your whole life to a new place and parting ways with the old home is always challenging. It is natural for you to think about every little thing and stress over the smallest of details. However much you do it will always seem like you could have perhaps done more.

To avoid such extreme feelings, make sure to find the best online high street solicitor after enough research and evaluation. The rest will come very easy and free of any problems but only if you pick the right person for the job. Remember, never settle for anything that the best and most experienced solicitor in your area and your home moving or mortgaging experience will be pleasant.