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Why Green Belt Certifications Are Desirable

by Sinke Car

Green Belt certification is certified by IASSC, which is designated by the International Association for Six Sigma Belt Achievement. It is an advanced professional course that involves learning high-level factors of Lean Six Sigma techniques.

This leads to improvisation of projects or serving of candidates as a team member or as a part of a more confusing improvement project lead by a certified lean Six Sigma, probably in their part-time role.

A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt should know how to imply, work, explain, and administer Lean Six Sigma at a peak level of professionalism. The involvement of the project manager includes the efficacious administration of Six Sigma Projects in an Industry that leads to the profitability of complex projects.


This methodology focuses on better acknowledgment of consumer needs, refining business systems across an organization, and intensifying business financial requirements. It is used to enhance the products created within the organization, services, and procedures throughout several elements, which includes manufacturing, merchandise establishment, marketing, sales, finance, and management. It also supports organizations to eliminate excess costs to increase the profit of business for which plans are carried out efficiently.

Utilization of Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is considered for professional team members and their objective is to enhance the procedure of maintaining quality. It teaches the members regarding the fundamental elements used by the team, working on the project, and how to apply DMAIC techniques that are relatable to the Six Sigma Project.

It is for the candidates who want to become a professional in dealing with managing projects with their persistence, skill, and dedication in the team. It also supports eliminating the gap between the real-world and Six Sigma Theory.

Moreover, it gives assurances of the procedure to maintain stability and improves procedure and working that add on value. It’s capacity to outsource production as well as services results in crossing the adaptability by the business world as part of their functioning procedures. Six Sigma professionals are some of the valuable candidates that render a positive impact on the business objectives.

Advantages of Green Belt Certification

According to Knowledge Hut, there is a lot of benefit in gaining Green Belt Certification because the certification holder or experts can deal with complex projects or matters and can also take care of the complex problems in a short period. Some of the important benefits of Green Belt Certification are-

Improvises performance skills

Once you get a Six Sigma Certification, you have a better knowledge of estimating and increasing financial benefits. The training process of Six Sigma makes you ready for leadership objectives. With the ability to lead the team towards the betterment of business improvement, you can also become a positive change agent within the organization. The one who is not certified tends to become confused in fixing the issues right while the one who is skilled and lean holder can be effective by focusing on the best way to improvise their procedures.

Cutting down on excess waste


Implementing lean Six Sigma is an acknowledged way to improvise business workings. An organization requires a huge number of people who are skilled and knowledgeable about the techniques. Team players should be instructed to have improved systematic skills that can help measure defects and inspect them before correcting them. This professional path makes candidates ready to strike problems and fix them. An organization can achieve its objectives by cutting down waste and expanding innovation procedures.

Cutting down on unnecessary business procedures and production

From a business viewpoint, gaining a Six Sigma Certification exposes a candidate to become important. Candidates develop the skill to find and cut unnecessary procedures of the business. With a six sigma Certification, candidates would be able to upgrade an organization to level up the profitability. You will be able to find and depreciate repeatable mistakes that would have damaged the business system. These professionals support the organization to reduce negative feedback, consumer queries, and cost incredibility.

Minimizes time clock

The Green Belt project involved all related teams and came up with positive and improved results. Any lean green belt certification holder aims to reduce the working time but with better results. Customer requirements are easily fulfilled as candidates are trained to Spotify and solve problems in a lesser time clock.

Increase efficiency


Six Sigma Certification expands the efficiency of team members. You will be able to concentrate on your working skills within the organization. You will be spreading qualitative improvisation across the business. Moreover, you will be able to fortify your leadership role and will know different streamlines to fix multiple and complex project problems.

Optimum utilization of resources

Management supports the project by utilizing the resources required for success. To fully utilize the resources, Green Belts follow a developed project plan. The plan includes a brief statement of how and when to implement the process in the projects that would further minimize the time and confusion among the team members. It also delivers the result fast with proper management techniques.

Why Should You Get It?

One of the main reasons as to why the execution of Six Sigma is that it supports minimizing errors. Using Six Sigma methodology, the candidate can spot the error sections as well as fix problems that affect the qualitative measures of both tangible and intangible products from a customer’s perspective.

It leads to employer satisfaction and directs employees to a common cause. Six Sigma offers leaders a chance to resolve and standardize the message. Improvised results can create a sense of coordination which exposes great results. Good coordination among team members motivates them to work hard and reduce excess costs and deliver huge profitability.

How to Get One?


To gain Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, one must possess 3 years of experience, pass a written conducted exam, and showcase hands-on capabilities. Exams are administered by special certification providing bodies.

Written exams mostly have MCQs, difficulty and allotted time increased at each certification level. The Yellow Belt exam may take 90 minutes, and a black belt may take four hours. Submission of assessments also varies with different levels, for example, a Green Belt requires one complete project, two Black Belt projects, and master belts ten or more projects.

Career prospects


Six Sigma professionals are instructed to better results for organizations using statistical analysis and six sigma elements. It concentrates mainly on minimizing defects and overuse of procedures within the organization. The reason as to why organizations prefer hiring six sigma professionals with the experience is their performance in a full level execution. Another thing that makes it very popular among professionals is that it is implemented for professionals coming from distinct backgrounds and organizations. They further have the option to work in a merchandise-based industry or a service-based industry.


Six Sigma is a combination of very strong and qualitative tools, but they work only when they are implemented fittingly. It is in great demand among the organization because it provides organizations with profitable results and reduced working time. It offers high-level procedures for eliminating errors and complaints of customers.

We hope this article has been helpful in enlightening you on Six Sigma and its certification courses.