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12 Rules of Giving Gifts That Everyone Should Know

by Tracy Finke

Giving a gift to someone is an art and not everybody is aware of this art. The perfect gift can lift the mood of the receiver instantly and build a strong relationship.

With the help of these gifts you can make the receivers think that they are loved and cared for. If you do not know the right way to gift, here are certain rules that you can make use of. So, in the coming Raksha Bandhan, when your sisters send rakhi online, you should keep these things in mind.

Rules of Giving Gifts

1. Try to Look From the Perspective of Recipient

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It is a challenge to impress someone with gifts, especially sisters who tie Rakhi or send Rakhi through from Rakhi Celebrations Store on Raksha Bandhan. Most of the people think from their point of view and hence they present something that they like.

It is good to look from the perspective of the recipient and know about his/her choices rather than imposing your ones. It is good to know his/her likes, dislikes, favorite color, things he/she needs and more.

If you want your gift to stand out of the crowd, it should be according to the taste of the recipient that can uplift his/her mood.

2. Do Not Add a Small or Inexpensive Gift to a Costly One

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Most people think that if they add a gift to a costly item it will make their gift more valuable. But, actually it is not so. On the contrary, it looks awkward. So, even if you are tempted to add an expensive shirt to a tie or plastic glasses to a bottle of a costly wine, you should avoid doing so. When somebody receives a gift in a bundle, recipients tend to average out the value of an expensive gift too.

You too would not like to receive an additional cheaper gift along with an expensive one. So, it is better to avoid this altogether.

3. Gifting an Experience is Always Better And Valuable

It has been truly said that the value of the gift cannot be judged by its cost. Even a brand new Apple phone or Macbook will turn old and invaluable one day. However, if you give a dream vacation to your friend, you would be able to cherish those memories forever. Experiences can create more vivid memories and a stronger emotional attachment with the giver.

4. Gift Cards Are a Better Option Than a Poorly Chosen Gift

Gift giving can be utterly wasteful if you do not know how to choose the right gift. If you are confused about what to gift to you at a particular occasion, you can choose gift cards from card.gift and send it with a touching message as per the relationship you have with the recipient. Some people give cash when they run out of ideas as to what to gift. Giving cash is considered to be a bad and a lazy option.

5. Personalization of Gifts Make Them Memorable

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There can be nothing better than receiving a personalized gift. It makes the recipients truly happy. You can choose to personalize a coffee mug, a pillow, a wall clock or just anything with the pictures of your togetherness or beautifully written messages. For instance, when your sister send rakhi online, you can send her personalized gifts of the old memories printed on things of her utility to make her think of you whenever she sees the gift.

6. Never Ask The Recipients What They Need

Some people think that by doing so, they can gift things of high utility. But, this is considered to be very bad etiquette. You should never ask the recipient what they want on their birthdays or any other occasion. Just be creative or make note of what your dear ones actually need.

7. Take Help of the Gift Registry

Though it is true that you should not ask for the recipient choice but in case of baby showers, organizers provide you with a list. So, if you are bad at choosing gifts, you can ask for a gift registry at such parties. This way, you will know that you are buying something which the recipient would like for sure.

8. A gift on the day

Whatever your plans for your anniversary, whether an experience gift such as dinner at a Michelin restaurant, a tandem sky-dive or a vacation, remember to take a gift with you that you can exchange on the day. Choose a gift before you leave home so you are not under any pressure to find something at your holiday location. Whilst the vacation is a gift in itself and will give you both fond memories, a physical gift on the day of your anniversary will make it all the more special. Anniversary gifts ideas for him and her can be found online. Remember to order the gift at least 1 month prior so you don’t have to go for a last minute shopping and get something totally random.

9. Including a Gift Receipt is A Smart Move

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If you are buying something expensive for your dear ones, you can include a gif receipt. Do not think that this will make the recipient know about the price of the gift which is considered to be bad gift etiquette. Including a gift receipt will make the recipients more flexible and they can exchange that gift to buy something of their choice.

10. Do Not Go to the Housewarming Parties Empty Handed

Most of the people go to the housewarming parties empty handed. This is not good gift etiquette. You should always try to carry something well-thought, let it be a small gift. Be creative to think about an expensive and small gift for a housewarming party. It can be a potted plant or even a gift card or a pack of chocolate or flowers etc.

11. Do Not Bring Gifts For An Engagement Party

It is true that the wedding gift should be well-thought of and something expensive. But, for the engagement parties you should not feel any obligation to gift something. If you feel awkward in going empty handed to an engagement party, you can give champagne flutes or a bottle of wine.

12. Check Your Company’s Policy When You Present a Gift to The Boss

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Different companies have different policies pertaining to who can receive and give gifts. There are a lot of companies that do not allow the managers to receive gifts from the office staff. Prior to buying a gift for your boss, you should check this out to avoid awkward situations.

13.  Cut off the Cost From the Gift

Though it is true that you should include a receipt to the gift so that receivers can exchange it, you should cut prices shown on the gift and not let the receiver know it’s real cost. Some people paste a sticker on the price for not revealing it to the recipient.

In long and short, you can present the best gift to your friends, your partners, your colleagues, your beloved or your family members if you know all the basic etiquettes of how to choose and give a gift. So, make sure when your sisters send fancy rakhi online, you give her a suitable gift.