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Finding The Last Unicorn – That Elusive Gamer Girl

by Sinke Car

Yes, they do exist; they just are a bit harder to find. So, you should take it as a quest of sorts, and discover where they spend their time, and how you can get to meet one according to meetgamergirls.com. You can always start by opting to meet gamer girls online and develop the relationship from there, but meeting them in person, or even getting to play a game or two with them is definitely far better. So, gear up and let’s find out how you can meet and even date a truly unique creature which is the female gamer.

An online game chatroom


By now, you have engaged more than one girl on various gamer chat rooms, you just might not know it, or you haven’t paid attention. The thing is, you can always take the conversation out of the chatroom and into DMs. That way if someone’s way of thinking or ideas seem interesting, why not ask to find out more about them and start up a private conversation.

You might end up liking this girl even more once you discover what she is like not just in the gaming world but also outside of it. This is one of the easiest options, as you are already engaging and having a discussion. The key is to make it a bit more personal and eventually take it out of the virtual into the real world by inviting her for a drink or dinner.

Conventions are always a great option


Gaming conventions tend to attract a lot of people not only from the game development industry but also a lot of fans and gamers. In recent years, the number of female gamers has substantially increased. In 2019, girls account for 43% of all gamers, which means that there will be a much larger female presence on the next convention you go to. There are a lot of options when it comes to approaching a girl who’s into video games.

You can talk about the games at the booth you find her standing at or exchange experiences after a fiery panel discussion. The key is having the courage to approach her and start up the conversation. But the thing is, gamer girls are a lot more open and approachable so you don’t have to worry about being shut down immediately, you can even look forward to a great experience or maybe even a romance.

Don’t forget about dating sites

Today, there are a lot of niche dating sites meant for specific groups of people who share a common interest. That said, finding a reputable gaming dating site is always a great option. You can browse through a lot of gamer girl personals to find ones that you like the most.


Maybe you like the same genre or have the same approach to gaming, and you can use that to start up a conversation. But make sure that you read through her profile to see if your life goals match too. It is as important. Sure, you might have gaming in common, but for a relationship to work, there are a lot of other aspects that need to click, from your personality being compatible to you having similar life choices and long-term plans. Make sure you find out all of that and not just her kill stats in COD. 

As you can see, that elusive unicorn, your dream gamer girl might be far closer than you think, you just need to look in the right places and use the right approach. Here is where years of playing tactical games might come in handy, all you have to do is apply your knowledge and get to the desired goal, which is, in this case, a lady who shares your love of spending afternoons in front of a big-screen TV and exploring new worlds and solving difficult puzzles.