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Top 10 Final Grade Calculator Websites for 2024

by Tracy Finke

As a student, you’ve probably been told by teachers, counselors or parents that grades don’t matter so much as long as you’re putting effort into your work. While this is generally true, the purpose of college and university education is to give students the best chance possible at gaining employment in their field of choice after they graduate.

A final grade is often the most important factor in determining whether a student is able to continue on with their program or switch into another one that better suits them.

There are many tools and resources available that promise to provide accurate final grades for students, but they’re not always consistent and can be quite complicated to use.

From websites that run down the pros and cons of each method to spreadsheets that require a manual input of data, it can be tough for students to find the best grade calculator on the market.

To save you time and effort as well as helping you get closer to your desired grades, we’ve found some of the top options available right now:

1. Calculatorology

Source: calculatorology.com

Calculatorology’s grade final calculator allows users to input their course titles along with the number of papers in each class, which are then calculated into their grade points average (GPA) and whether they need higher education or employment. Users can also view what percentage of the class was needed for an A, B, C and D. Moreover, they can view total credits and the semester/term needed in order to graduate or get a full-time job.

2. Easy grade calculator

Source: youtube.com

Easy grade calculator is one of the best online grade calculators available right now on the market, able to provide students with all the information they need in one simple interface. All students have to enter is their current grade, the number of credits for their course and how many assignments are left before the final exam (if there is no final exam, this can be set as zero).

The calculator will tell them exactly what they need to earn on the remaining assignments in order to receive a desired grade. There’s a section dedicated to making sure that students understand the calculator, how it works and why they should trust its results. The calculator can be used for online courses or with real-life scenarios by entering in the grades manually.

3. Grade Calculator Pro

Grade calculator pro is yet another very accurate grade calculator platform that’s available to use right now. It’s a fully customizable online tool that can be used for any course and with any grading system. The website provides detailed information on how it works, what types of courses can use the calculator and explanations of how it calculates final grades so students know exactly what they’re getting into when they sign up.

4. Roger Hub

Source: americasbestpics.com

Roger hub is another grade calculator website that offers accurate results for students looking to calculate their final grades. All students have to do is input their average on all assignments, current grade and number of credits for the course into the calculator. The site will then tell them whether they have earned enough credits to be able to pass or if they’ll need to complete more assignments.

5. Rapid Tables

Rapid tables is a grade calculator website that functions as a quick reference guide for students who only want a base level of understanding when it comes to their final grades. All they have to do is input their current grade and the number of remaining credits for their course in order to get a quick answer about whether or not they’ll be able to pass without additional assignments.

6. Calculator.net

Source: calculator.net

Calculator.net is a grade calculator website that helps students keep track of their grades as they progress through a course or program at school. It’s an easy to use interface with preset categories for ease of access to specific grades. To calculate final grades, students will have to set the number of credits for their course and input their current grade.

They can also choose whether or not they want to weigh credit assignments differently depending on how much effort was put into them. The site then tells them if they need to earn more points before the end of the program in order to pass or not.

7. GPA Calculator.Net

GPA Calculator’s final grade calculator consists of three parts, including “Grades”, “Grade Point” and “Final Grade”. This website has an enormous database that contains hundreds of past grades from dozens of subjects, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find your exact grade. GPA Calculator is extremely simple and easy-to use, and can accurately calculate your grades in seconds.

This website was designed for students and it’s very easy and quick to use. You simply type in the name of your class and all of the grades necessary to calculate a final grade will automatically appear, along with the final percentage. GPA Calculator works by finding your grade in each subject and multiplying it by the number of credits for that class to determine a base amount. Once this is done, you add up all of the amounts and divide them by the total number of credits, and that will give you your final percentage.

8. Calculatorgenius.com

This website is full of great information for students. In addition to a final grade calculator, the site contains an interactive grading scale and final score chart to help convey details about achieving a certain score on a test.

There are JavaScript calculators that allow grading scales for points out of 1-100, 1-90, 1-80, or either A through F or 0 through 100. The site also allows users to calculate a final score based on a test’s numerical and letter grades. This process is done by finding the difference between a letter grade and a certain number of points its worth. For example, if someone received a 96 on a 100-point test, their final score would be 96 – (100/100) = 4. The student would receive a perfect score of 4 points for this exam.

9. Calculatorsoup.com

Source: calculatorsoup.com

A calculator like this can be used as a great resource for both parents and students when it comes to their final grade in the class. It is also helpful for teachers, especially if they are looking at grading students with special needs who need remedial instruction during class time.

A student can input information about the topics covered in the class, along with how much weight each topic has toward his or her final grade and this calculator will tell them what grade they can expect to earn at the end of the semester.

10. Ryan778.ithub.Io

This website is very easy to read and understand the information it provides you. It has a section where you can type in your current grade or paste in your assignment list which calculates how many of these assignments are left to get your final grade.

It then shows you the percentage change in your final grade with each assignment and tells you what you need to improve on.

The chart at the top is useful to read for seeing where your current grade stands among other students overall or within a class.