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9 Most Famous American Composers in the Last 50 Years

by Tracy Finke

Many people across the globe are in love with American music. There is a lengthy list of the best American composers who are famous for their unique music. People are fans of these composers, and no one can replace them. Like others, Carson is also a unique name on the list who had opened schools to teach music and art to his students.

You can get complete information about him from slippedisc.com. In the following write-up, we will explore the list of famous American composers in the last 50 years. If you are fond of listening to music, then you must know these names. You must play their songs and enjoy them day and night.

1. Leonard Bernstein

Source: media.npr.org

He was become a music composer by chance. He got an opportunity when he was invited to the NY Philharmonic Orchestra. This person replaced Bruno Walter as he was suffering from flu. After that chance, Leonard steps forward and becomes an American music composer. He never remembered that he stepped into this industry by chance.

It is like he is made for the music. In Massachusetts, Leonard was born, but his parents belong to Ukraine. In 1990, he died after becoming a great name in this world. People waved their hands and removed hats to say a final goodbye to Leonard on the streets of Manhattan. He was nicknamed by his fans as Lenny.

2. John Williams

Source: variety.com

If you are thinking of the person who had given blockbuster music continuously in the past 40 years, then the famous name is John Williams. You might have watched movies like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, etc.

He gave music to these movies and became famous across the globe. He provided soundtracks for various films. In 1932, John was born on Long Island, and he won almost four Golden Globe Awards as well as five academy awards. In 2000, he was admitted into the Hollywood Bowl Fame Hall.

3. Igor Stravinsky

This artist belongs to Russia. Initially, he lived his life in Switzerland as well as France, but after World War II, he finally moved to LA. In 1945, Igor became a citizen of the United States. Without any idea, he conducted the Philharmonic event of LA in the Hollywood Bowl. In the US, his career was not smooth, and in 1944, the authorities put him in trouble.

The reason was his unconventional massive seven-chord arrangement that belongs to the Star-Spangled Banner. After some time, he shifted to New York and stayed there till his death in 1971. He died at 88, and till then, he became one of the perfect American composers.

4. Eric Whitacre

Source: mencheymusic.com

He is one of the successful and recognizable American music composers. He has written various music for London Symphony Orchestra, Julian Lloyd Webber, etc. Eric won many awards for his best performance.

He made a record as an international bestseller, which let him earn the title of Grammy. He worked on the most exciting project, i.e., Virtual Choir. Eric posts his music videos on YouTube. He has many followers on social media platforms, and they love him for his music.

5. Carson Kievman

Carson was born in LA, and he later lived in Miami, Florida. He died at the age of 72. Carson was a diabetic patient and was suffered a heart stroke and two cancers in his life. He is famous as a music composer in Florida.

Many American orchestras played the second symphony written by him. He is well-known for his unique work as he blended music with literary arts and theatrical visuals. He worked with French composers, and later, he became a successful music artist. Visit carlkruse.org for more information about Carson Kievman.

6. Philip Glass

Source: npr.org

Philip was born in Maryland, and he worked hard to become famous as an American music composer. He collaborated with artists like Martin Scorsese and Leonard Cohen. He worked on all the music genres, and that’s why he gained the attention of the massive audience.

Philip had done classist writing for a musical group. He got many awards for his soundtracks. This artist was invited to many dancing and music festival events for his performance.

7. Elmer Bernstein

Source: soundtrackfest.com

This name, Elmer is quite famous for famous film scores and he got many achievements and awards for his track work. Some of his famous music projects are Ghostbusters, the Great Escape, etc.

In 1967, he won an Oscar for his work, Thoroughly Modern Millie. He is a well-known name in the perfect composer list of the United States. Many diehard fans are there of him across the globe. Once you hear him, you will also become his fan.

8. Steve Reich

Steve also lived in New York like other famous composers in the US. He changed the entire classical music landscape. He had done many experiments and come out with the best work. Many people across the globe admire him as an artist.

Steve won many awards, and people call him the Greatest Living Composer. In 2006, he got a noble prize in Tokyo, which was a significant achievement for him. Everyone loves and admires him for his performance.

9. Samuel Barber

Source: interlude.hk

In Pennsylvania, he was born and was interested in music from a young age. His initial work was the School of Scandal at 21. After a few years, his piece was the same as Adagio for Strings.

He rearranged his work for the famous Arturo Toscanini Orchestra. After years, the Adagio for Strings was successfully hit worldwide. Samuel is also a popular name on the list of fantastic American composers.

The Bottom Line

There are many famous names as music composers in the US. People across the globe love their music and performance in public events. If you also love listening to American classical music, then you must hear these artists. When you explore their albums, you will get the best tracks. Listen to them and enjoy the music. You will become their fans for a lifetime.