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13 Interesting Facts About Uber & Lyft Accidents In United States

by Tracy Finke

We all know how popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become in recent years. With just a few taps on our smartphone, we can easily get a ride to our desired destination. While these apps have made our lives more convenient, they have also resulted in increased accidents. Below are 13 facts about Uber and Lyft accidents in the United states:

1. Ride-sharing accidents are on the increase

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There are several potential explanations for this troubling trend. Some have pointed to inadequate driver screenings or insufficient training as possible factors contributing to the increasing rate of accidents.

Others have attributed the growing number of incidents to problems with vehicle maintenance and safety features, such as alarm systems or anti-lock brakes.

Whatever the cause may be, one thing is clear: we need to take meaningful action to address this issue. By working together and implementing stronger regulations and practices around ride-sharing services, we can help keep riders safe and prevent these serious incidents from occurring in the future.

2. Most accidents caused by Uber and Lyft drive are due to distractions

Many ride-sharing accidents occur because of distracted drivers. For example, many drivers use the app to check their next passenger’s location while driving, which can be very dangerous. In addition, GPS navigation and smartphone distractions also contribute to this problem.

3. Victims of Uber and Lyft accidents may not be covered by driver insurance policy

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The driver’s insurance policy may not cover the victims of Uber and Lyft accidents. This is because most personal insurance policies exclude coverage for accidents while the driver is working. As a result, the victims may have to rely on their insurance policies or file a lawsuit against the company to receive compensation.

4. Uber and Lyft drivers have to carry insurance in some states

In some states, Uber and Lyft drivers are not required to carry commercial insurance. This means that if they are involved in an accident, their insurance policy will be the primary source of coverage. In other words, the victim may not be able to receive full compensation from the driver’s insurance company. However, victims need to involve law practitioners such as Stokes Stemle, LLC, to know more about compensation.

5. They Work for long hours

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Many Uber and Lyft drivers work long hours and sometimes drive when they are tired. Working long hours is nothing new for many Americans. It is a way to earn extra money or reach a career goal for some. For others, it is simply the only way to make ends meet.

Regardless of the reason, working long hours is often a necessary reality. This is especially true for Uber and Lyft drivers. Due to the unpredictable nature of their work, many drivers find themselves working long hours with a little break in between fares.

6. Inexperienced Uber and Lyft drivers

One contributing factor to Uber and Lyft car accidents is that many new ride-sharing drivers are inexperienced behind the wheel and may not be familiar with standard safety protocols for avoiding risky situations on the road. As such, they may be more likely to speed or make mistakes while driving, increasing their chances.

7. Lack of undertaking Uber and Lyft driver’s background check

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The lack of background checks for drivers working for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft is a serious issue that can have disastrous consequences. These services rely on the trust of their customers, who expect to be picked up by drivers who are competent and responsible individuals.

Without a thorough background check, however, there is no way to know whether these drivers pose any threat or have any history that would make them unsafe behind the wheel. This lack of oversight has already led to several accidents on the road, many of which could have been avoided if proper safety measures had been in place.

8. Many Uber and Lyft drivers use their vehicles to pick up passengers

Uber and Lyft are often touted as modern, convenient transportation options, but for the many drivers who use their vehicles to pick up passengers daily, there is a risk of accidents occurring.

Several factors can contribute to these accidents, including distracted driving, forgetfulness about where the car is located, stress, and fatigue. Additionally, having multiple passengers in the vehicle can increase the risk of collisions due to unexpected movements or shifting weight while making turns or starting.

9. Cancellation of Uber and Lyft rides

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There are several reasons why an Uber or Lyft might cancel a ride. For example, some drivers might have to take a call or run an errand during their shift, while others may struggle with road conditions or traffic that makes it difficult to reach their destination on time.

However, whatever the reason for canceling a trip can put both the rider and other drivers at risk. In particular, if another driver happens to be nearby when a ride is canceled and attempts to snatch up that passenger’s ride request instead, this can lead to potentially dangerous traffic collisions. Each driver needs to be aware of the potential consequences of canceling rides to mitigate the risks associated with these types of situations.

10. Some Uber and Lyft drivers engage in risky driving behaviors

Uber and Lyft drivers have been known to engage in risky behaviors while driving, such as speeding, running red lights, etc. This puts other road users at risk of being involved in an accident.

11. Many ride-sharing applications do not address victims of accidents

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Many ride-sharing apps do not address the issue of passengers being injured during trips due to driver negligence or reckless behavior by fellow passengers. Therefore, passengers need to remain aware of their surroundings to avoid potentially serious injuries or death.

12. Uber and Lyft companies may be liable for accidents caused by their drivers

Uber and Lyft may be liable for accidents caused by their drivers, even if the driver is not working for the company at the time of the accident. This is because these companies are considered “common carriers” under the law.

13. There is a limit on the number of damages that can be recovered from Uber and Lyft

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In some states, there is a limit on the number of damages recovered from Uber and Lyft in connection with accidents caused by their drivers. This means that victims may not be able to receive full compensation for their injuries or losses. It is important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer if you have been involved in a ride-sharing accident.

Although it’s unclear what the future holds for ride-sharing companies, one thing is for sure: they aren’t going away anytime soon. As more and more people use these services, the likelihood of accidents will continue to increase.

So far, Uber and Lyft have been quick to take responsibility for any accidents while passengers use their services. However, as both companies continue to grow, it will be important for them to maintain this level of accountability and ensure the safety of their passengers.