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Ethan Klein Net Worth 2024

by Cristina Alexander


Ethan Klein is a YouTube comedian and a satirist. He is known for his reaction videos and comedy sketches over cyberculture and celebrities. Partnering with his wife Hila Klein, he runs h3h3Productions, a YouTube channel with an ever-growing 6.4M subscribers.

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About Ethan Klein

Ethan’s h3h3Productions bags a large audience with its videos hitting the trending lists. Having started with making funny videos of celebs, he has come a long way by featuring them in his videos. He manages four Youtube channels– h3h3Productions, Ethan and Hila, h3 Podcast, and h3 Podcast Highlights. H3 Podcast has managed to have the 14th largest audience of any Podcast, recently in 2024.

Currently, h3h3Productions has 6.41M subscribers, Ethan and Hila has 2.09M subscribers, H3Podcast has 3.05M subscribers, and H3 Podcast Highlights has 1.63M subscribers.

Early Life and Family

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Born on 24 June 1985 in Ventura, California, to Jewish parents Garry and Dona Klein, Ethan Edward Klein attended Buena High School and went on to get a bachelor’s in English from the University of California. He started working as a marketing executive in Israel and used to post sketch comedy on h3h3Productions. With growing statistics, his videos started getting insane popularity.

He met Hila Klein in Israel in 2007. They got married in October 2012 and the couple has a two-year-old, Theodore. They currently reside in New York City, U.S.

Career and Major Milestones

Ethan started h3h3Productions in 2011 and ‘Ethan and Hila’ in 2013. In 2017, Ethan Klein started his third YouTube channel ‘H3 Podcast’. This triweekly podcast hosted by the husband-wife duo has featured names like PewDiePie, Jordan Peterson, Justin Roilan, Bill Burr, etc. It was taken to another level with four weekly sub-series: Flagship H3 Podcast featuring interviews with Ethan; H3 After Dark, a current affairs podcast; Content Court, concerning controversial online personalities; and Frenemies, a 39 episodes series with Trisha Paytas.

‘VAPE NATION’ is Ethan’s most popular video with over 28M views. In 2016, h3h3Productions bagged the “YouTube channel of the Year” award. The Kleins have been remarked for criticizing the video game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” for attracting children on gambling websites by trading skins for real currency.

In 2017, Hila Klein started a clothing brand “Teddy Fresh”. Edison Research ranked H3Podcast 23rd for the overall year of 2024. h3h3Productions and h3 Podcast have also been nominated for Streamy Awards for comedy and best podcasts in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2024.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Klein.

  • Ethan suffers from Dyslexia and Tourette syndrome.
  • In 2016 April, a YouTube personality Matt Hosseinzadeh filed a case against Kleins, claiming copyright infringement after Kleins broadcasted a video criticizing him using his clips.
  • Soon after, YouTuber Philip De Franco began a fundraiser with GoFundMe to supplement the legal fee for Kleins. Franco asserted it was a threat to fair use policy on YouTube. Kleins ended up winning the lawsuit.

Net Worth

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As of 2024, Ethan’s net worth is around $20 million. He together with his wife owns luxurious properties, namely a house worth $780K in Woodland Hills, LA; a property of $2.5M in Encino, and a $9 million home in Bel Air, California.