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Top 10 Essential Kitten Supplies Every Owner Needs

by Nina Smith

If you want to buy or adopt a kitten, there are certain things you must prepare before you bring it home. In case you have no idea what you need, here you will find out about the essential kitten supplies that you must not forget to buy for your furry little friend. You can find all of the things from this list in almost every pet shop, including the ones online.

1. Kitten food and treats

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First of all, you have to buy special kitten food before you bring your new family member to your home. Once you go to a pet shop, you will see that there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on prices, vitamins, and quality. Moreover, you can buy kitten food in cans or in some other package. Also, kitten treats can be delicious for your new friend. These snacks also vary in price and packaging.

Choose the best food for your new furry friend.

Food for cats.

2. A food bowl is one of the essential kitten supplies

Secondly, you have to buy a special food bowl for your kitten. Luckily, they are available in many stores, not only in pet shops. You can choose the kind of material, color, and shape of your kitten food bowl. Importantly, make sure to serve your kitten food only in its bowel. This is the best way for your kitten to learn what dish is for it.

Make sure to buy a couple of pet bowls for your kitten before you bring it to your house.

A cat eating from its bowl.

3. Kitten litter box

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Before you buy or adopt a tiny kitten, you have to be prepared for everything that may happen when you bring it to your house or apartment. Therefore, prepare a litter box and start training your beloved pet the moment it has to use it. This is the fastest way for it to learn where it can go.

4. A kitten bed is one of the essential kitten supplies

Every kitten needs a cozy and warm bed. Unlike dogs, cats love the softness and warmth of a special bed. Today, you have so many options to choose from when a kitten bed is in question. If you want, you can buy a cat’s bed immediately and spare some money on having to buy a larger one for your cute pet when it grows up. In case you want to save some time and shop from your home, you can do that right now. There are many internet sites where you can buy online a bad for your little friend. For example, you can check out themeowy.com and see if you like the cat beds that they have to offer. Besides, shopping from home is way safer than going to a store since the coronavirus is still present among us.

Buy your kitten a cozy and warm bed in one of the pet shops near you or online.

A cat’s bed is one of the most important kitten essentials that you have to buy.

5. A scratch post

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The fifth thing that you will need to buy is a scratch post or a cat’s tree for your kitten. Make sure to start training it on time and teach it to try not to destroy your furniture items. You can find lovely cat trees in many pet shops nowadays. In case your home is bigger, you need to consider buying more scratch posts than one. In this way, you will ensure that your little kitten will spare your furniture when it arrives home.

6. Carrier

Moreover, an important tip for when you go to pick up your kitten, you need to have a special cat carrier. Also, in case you travel more often, you will not use it only once. When buying a carrier, make sure that it is soft and that your pet has enough space in it. If necessary, put a warm blanket inside, especially if it is cold outside. It will make your little kitten stay warm until you two arrive home.

7. Toys are also essential kitten supplies

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They may seem less relevant, but kitten toys are the things that will make your little pet happy and busy. Also, certain cat toys can relieve your kitten of stress when it comes to new surroundings. Luckily, you can buy these toys in many shops. And there are more types of them. Do not exaggerate with buying too many until you see which one your kitten likes the most. If it finds some of the toys boring, do not make the same mistake when you go shopping.

8. A collar

Importantly, if you want to let it play in your yard, your kitten has to have a collar with its name, your name, your address, and phone number. If it gets lost when outside, it will be easier for other people to find you and bring it back home.

9. Pet first aid

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Buying a pet first aid and keeping it in your house just in case is a crucial thing to do. There are special first aid kits for cats. If you do not want to waste your time, you can always search online and buy it. It will be delivered to you at your door, and you will not have to leave the house for this. We hope you will never need to use it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

10. Air refresher

When having a pet, bad smells are sometimes an inevitable part of your daily life. For this reason, you should buy an air refresher on time. It is definitely one of the essential kitten supplies every owner needs. Make sure to purchase the one that is not harmful to your little kitten. Ask the employees in the pet shop where you buy food for your pet to recommend you the safest one.