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How To Develop A Sense Of Style: 6 Fashion Tips And Rules

by Jovica Radulovich

Wherever you go, your clothes always represent a part of your personality. It also shows how you implement the latest fashion into your style. Fashion is not just about the clothes you wear but also how your accessories are paired with your outfit. A sense of style in clothing might be natural for a few, whereas others can also be terrible at it.

Having a poor sense of styling doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not dressing well. But it might impact how you feel when wearing and presenting yourself. Especially students who socialize with many people in their school lives, they worry about their clothes once their vacations are finished. They even search videos and websites like jubileegiftshop.com for back to school clothes to fill up their cupboards with never-ending clothes.

When you look at the various aspects of life where your clothing and style could have a better impact having a good sense of style is always handy. But it’s not something you can form in a day, but neither would you need classes. There might be few instructors who would develop a sense of style in you if you were to opt for personality and behavior development classes.

Developing A Sense Of Style

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For developing a sense of style, there are soo many tips and tricks and rules all laid out on the internet with catchy words. But understanding and doing all that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, when you are trying to develop a new skill, going for essential steps that you would further need to enhance your skill will help you. And for creating a sense of style, the two most basic are observing and comfortable clothing.

It is very important to observe the clothing and styling of the people you follow, especially how they put together their outfits. It gives you a basic sense of what you want in your outfit—also, knowing how the clothes you like are paired with other accessories and the look it gives to the person wearing them.

Next, when it comes to comfortable clothing, it naturally means the essential clothes that you usually wear. Having clothes on you that you typically wear and pairing them with other pieces ensures you don’t feel out of place. It sets a good start to planning your outfits without jittering and confusion.

6 Fashion Tips And Rules

No matter how much of a fashion enthusiast, you sometimes feel lost between the hundreds of trends online. And since online media is so prevalent, many people just believe what they see online and press forward with the trends. While you can try out different styles, they are all not made for you, and you might feel sad that your dress doesn’t look or feel the way you want it. Below is a list of tips and rules that will help you better understand fashion and your style.

1. Imitate

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Imitate, meaning to be exact. While it may seem weird, when you observe many people around you and like what they wear, you should try it too. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to copy everything. It’s always their basics and accessories that will help you know your style, for which you would first need to copy what they wear.

2. Balance

Everyone has a different body; therefore, everybody cannot rock an oversized tee no matter how much they like it. Thus, even when you imitate someone’s clothing, you would need to make some adjustments. If the top or the bottom does not complement the look, you can replace it with a similar colour and different style or vice versa. It’ll all go down to how you look and feel.

3. Right Fit

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Wearing clothes that fit you in the proper sense will always compliment your body shape and your aesthetic. If they are too big or small, they will impact your aesthetic and, worst case scenario, wardrobe malfunction. Thus, even while wearing something larger than your original size, you should always check how you look and feel.

4. Accessories

Accessories for outfits are like money in your bank. You like a lot of accessories but cannot pair them all on a single outfit. Accessories are the places where the eyes wander most of the time when looking at an outfit. Thus, having four to five accessories is more than enough for any outfit; any more than that would damage your look.

5. Colors

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There are many colors in the spectrum that people do not try just because they are not what they usually wear. A person might like vibrant colors but at the same time would not be comfortable with wearing them. Knowing colors that you like and are pleased with and taking time to get comfortable with various colors will help you in expanding the variety of colors in your clothes. Since colors can affect your mood, having different colored clothing is very good.

6. Shop Better

When going window shopping, you might like what you see on the mannequin or the clothes displayed in a particular shop. But hesitating due to shyness or any other reason might leave you in thoughts of those clothes throughout the day. Going into that shop and trying various dresses will help you realize what kind of clothes appeal to your eyes and what appeals to your body. It takes time to understand your fashion style and how much you can expand it.

Therefore going to various shops and trying on outfits you like based on colors and styles can help you understand your style better.


Everyone has a different body type and personality; thus, naturally, they have different personalities. Hence when trying to develop your fashion sense, a lot of thought goes into your clothes. It might seem like a chore in the beginning, but as this skill gets polished further, it feels like daily life activity. It also helps you destress and lightens your mood by wearing clothes you like and feeling good in them.