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Denver: Travel Guide

by Jajce d Muckic

Denver, Colorado is a great place to visit, situated just 5,280 feet above sea level. Denver has long been an outdoor adventure hub, but over the last twenty years, it has exploded into its own with award-winning cafes, galleries, and live entertainment, as well as an explosion of creative arts.

If you want to experience Denver’s many activities, concerts, stuff to do, and the best whether — you need to visit June, July, or August during the summer months. You can see an outdoor concert, engage in one of several events, watch a Rockies game and more without having more than just a light jacket.


Denver is a car-first community, but it has become much more friendly to people on foot, bicycles, and other alternative transportation types. The fastest and most cost-effective way to get around Denver is Denver’s Regional Transit District buses and busses, locally known as RTD.

Denver is in a semi-arid environment and is about a mile above sea level, as the title means. Those two things imply that Denver is hot and not much water is available. The lack of moisture and elevation could cause problems such as altitude sickness and dehydration.

Drink plenty of water while visiting Denver, wear plenty of sunscreens, take your time when you feel dizzy and windy, and carry dry skin lotion. For the high altitude, you may purchase vitamins, but the efficacy or quality of some supplements is unclear. If you want to see what Denver has to give but be careful about the elevation and ruin your ride, it’s perfect.


You have several options for what to do if you’re in Denver. Trips to public parks and local outdoor sights are the three key events embraced in the Mile High City; the vibrant culinary and microbrew scene; and the exclusive museums and city landmarks. Much more can be done, but these three events demonstrate the advantages of the community. Several parts of Denver are home to multiple attractions, and if your specific desire or need is not listed, things don’t worry – Denver probably still has it.


Denver is the primary starting point for a lot of adventure in the Rocky Mountains or along the rivers of Colorado. Most are going to have to rent a car to get out of town, while RTD provides shuttles to the hills and other surrounding locations throughout the year. There is even a ski shuttle to take you to nearby ski hotspots directly from the airport.


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