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8 Amazing Dating Tips for Dog Owners

by Tracy Finke

If you’re a dog owner on the dating scene, you’ll find that some people won’t share your enthusiasm for our four-legged friends. Dating for dog owners, therefore, means you need to focus on individuals able to handle your desire for canine companionship.

And there are several ways you can boost your chances of finding a fellow dog-lover who will accept you and your dog as an inseparable package.

Here are our top dating tips for dog owners to help you find the right person for you and your pooch.

1. Be open about your love of dogs

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If you want to find someone who’ll appreciate you and your dog alike, there’s no reason to hide your love of dogs from a potential date. If you use online dating, post at least one picture in your profile of you hanging out with your dog, and include your canine connection in your bio.

Be careful not to overdo your passion for pooches, though – that would seem obsessive. But you certainly need to make sure people know you love your dog. This will filter out those who don’t particularly care for dogs and make it easier for you to find compatible matches.

2. Check out dating profiles thoroughly

Go through the online dating profiles of others carefully to meet here and find out whether they’re cool with dogs. Establishing common ground in a love of dogs will help to break the ice and spark conversations. And you may find individuals who themselves have a dog you and your canine companion would like to meet too.

3. Try dog dating

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One place you’re guaranteed to find plenty of fellow dog-lovers is the dog dating community, where dating for dog owners couldn’t be easier. With online dog dating, you give some information about yourself but most of the attention is concentrated on your dog’s profile.

4. Don’t make it all about your dog

You’re naturally proud of your dog, who for you is the most adorable creature in the world.   However, it’s not all about your canine buddy. If your date has a pet of their own, they’ll appreciate you expressing an interest in it instead of going on all the time about how great your own pooch is. Ask to see pictures of their pet, and let them know how cute you think it is. You also need to show you have other interests and are capable of talking about topics other than dogs.

5. Introducing your dog to your date

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Introducing your dog to a date can be tricky. Dogs are known to be good judges of character – one of the reasons you love and respect your pooch. You need to be aware, though, that many factors can cause a dog to apparently dislike someone initially.

For example, the person may be wearing perfume or cologne that puts the dog off. Or your date may somehow remind your dog of a person that wronged them in the past. Your pooch could also fear that a new person is invading their territory. It’s best to have your dog meet a new person in a neutral area like a park. Take it slowly and give your date some doggy treats to impress your dog with, and keep in mind that it may take more than one meeting before your dog feels comfortable with your date.

6. Introducing your dog to your date’s dog

Once you’ve both met each other’s dogs separately, it’s time for both dogs to get to know each other. Choose a neutral location for a doggy play date. This will make the dogs feel less territorial.

Be patient – it can take time for two dogs to get used to each other.

7. Take the dogs on your dates

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When the two dogs are used to each other’s company, there’s no need to leave them at home all the time when dating. There are many dating activities suitable for dogs, such as long walks in the countryside, picnics in the park, camping trips, and dinners at dog-friendly restaurants.

8. Share your mutual love of dogs with the world

Once things have become more serious with your date, why not tell the world about how your shared love of dogs brought you together? Take pictures of your date with your dog and post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show everyone how dating for dog owners can be awesome.

While that can be a fine solution for some people, it’s also important to recognize that there are a lot of factors that determine whether a dog will like someone or not. The person could be wearing the wrong perfume or cologne, smell like another dog, or remind your pup of a person that wronged them in the past. They could be afraid that a new person is invading their territory.

It’s best to let your dog meet a new person in a neutral area like a public park. Go slowly, and don’t force it. Give your date some treats so they can butter your dog up. Take pictures with each other’s pets, and share them with the world on social media. While other people are showing pictures of their boring babies, you can spread the joy of your adorable pups together.

I know I always appreciate cute dog pics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and all your friends will, too. Time to change that relationship status! What other dating tips do you have for dog lovers? Does your significant other love dogs as much as you? Let us know in the comments below!