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Why Did Dark Modes for Apps Become So Popular?

by Tracy Finke

There’s no doubt about it, we’re living in the app world. These days everything you can think of already has an app. They’re everywhere, and that’s a good thing. Rare are those who can live their life without relying on at least one app per day. When you get used to using one, it is hard to move on.

What makes the apps so appealing is the number of modes they have. You can literally change whatever you want about the apps. Back in the day, this wasn’t the case, and we as users had a thing or two to say about it.

Luckily, the developers heard our calls for changes, and now we can’t decide which mode to use. One of those modes that rose to the top, and people love to use it and talk about is the dark mode. You probably noticed that every app out there has this mode. If it doesn’t, it’s outdated.

So, we can say that they rose in the popularity chart, but you must be wondering why did dark modes for apps become so popular? If this is your query for today, don’t worry about the answer, we’re going to provide you with one. To be honest, there will be more than one right answer. Let’s see where does all that popularity come from.

Energy Efficiency

Source: myrepublic.net

Most of us can’t get our hands from our smartphones. That’s not too smart, but that’s how it is. While spending time on our phones is fun and games in today’s society, it won’t last for too long if you don’t have a charging port and a charger nearby.

This is where the dark mode comes in handy. If you use this option, you’ll save battery life. Most displays today are OLED and AMOLED and are known for consuming battery life. The all-white background do you batter no favors.

So, switching to dark mode will help you enjoy more of your favorite apps. You can’t tell us that this is not quite reasonable and a good trait of dark skin. Furthermore, it’s quite a fun fact and a piece of valuable information, and more of the same you can find at iTechHacks. You need to be in touch with technology and what it brings to the table, or you’ll be left behind in today’s society.

It’s Good For Your Health

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Well, probably no one had biology in mind when the first smartphone was created, but here we are. Considering how much do we use various devices, it’s no wonder someone dedicated their time to determine the effects it has on our health. The part of our bodies that suffer the most from using devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones are our eyes.

So, the good old developers decided to do something about them, on the advice from doctors, and we received dark skins. They are much easier for our eyes. This is not just scientifically proven, but it is something you probably noticed yourself doing after hours, days, months, and years of using devices such as smartphones. With dark skin, our eyes finally started receiving some rest.

It’s Appealing

Source: macrumors.com

There’s something about the color black. Black looks good on almost anyone. Why should it be any different with the apps we’re using? The chances are you’ll enjoy any content you’re seeing on your device better with a dark tone added to it. These are just straight facts as people would put it on the Instagram comment section.

The visual appeal is important to many individuals. There’s no shame in it. I for one prefer back. As we said, black goes with everything, and all of us should use it. Rare are those who still prefer the regular skins compared to the dark ones. I remember back in 2011, when playing Football Manager 2012 I felt like my whole life changed when I switched to dark skin. The same goes for other platforms such as Netflix, Reddit, or Deezer.

They Were Pushed to Prominence

While this sounds harsh it is the truth. The dark modes were a desire of many people before they become a thing, but they weren’t mainstream before the giants of the tech domain started to push it. Today, every app has this option. What’s even better many of them are pushed forward with the dark tone as the predominant one.

Bleak, white apps are losing popularity. Search engines even favor the dark tone. This is the world of dark skins and we’re just living in it. The social media platforms giants such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat all have the option of dark skin. Smaller enterprises and app developers only followed suit.

The Ease of Use

Source: news18.com

When the dark mode first become a thing, it wasn’t as easy to use it. It’s not like it was complicated, it was just that it wasn’t pushed upfront. No, it was an option, but no one bothered to tell you about it. It was there but in no way you were inclined to use it. Nowadays, it is everywhere. One of the first options that a new app offers you is the dark tone of its design. We can say that it idea came from developers who worked with a black background all their lives. Now, we have to live with it.

But, it’s a good thing as you can see from all the reasons listed above. When you think about it, how have you ever reverted an app from dark mode to the regular one? I haven’t. dark is just better. Once you get used to it, there’s no going back. Now it would be weird without it. Going back to standard tone for some apps would be like doing time in jail.


As you can see there’s plenty of reason why dark mode became so prominent in today’s society. We only brought out some of the principal points. There’s plenty more if you’re eager to dig deeper. We’re going to stop here. As we’re more than sure that a point has been made. After all, dark modes do rock.