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4 Ways to Customize Your Site Using a Bulk IP Lookup Tool

by Nina Smith

Stats say 80% of shoppers are more likely to patronize brands that offer personalized experiences. Marketers, meanwhile, often make 20% more sales when they customize their sites.

Given these benefits, it isn’t surprising why more and more website owners, marketers, and advertisers are customizing their digital assets and content. Doing that requires various tools, though, one of them being a bulk IP lookup solution.

How to Use Bulk IP Lookups for Site Personalization

Bulk IP lookup is a tool that allows users to check multiple IP addresses and provides data, such as users’ geographic locations, time zones, Internet service providers (ISPs), their kind of Internet connection, latitude and longitude coordinates, and their Autonomous System (AS) information, among other details.

When we talk about website personalization, the tool can help businesses customize various kinds of site content to serve their customers’ needs better. Given their locations, for instance, you can determine the kinds of clothes they are likely to buy given a particular season. When you give site visitors what they need or want, they are more likely to become paying customers.

Let’s take a closer look at how a bulk IP lookup can help you with that.

Match a Customer’s Local Language and Currency

Source: medium.com

No matter how globalized people become, not everyone can communicate very well using English. That is especially true if they have specific product or service preferences that require communication accuracy. A business that wishes to serve its customers well can thus benefit from translating its website content into more languages to better serve visitors.

Translating content into various languages, however, can be expensive. To know exactly which languages might be the most strategic for your business and, therefore, save on costs, you can find out where most of your customers come from using a bulk IP lookup tool. To do that, you can collect your website visitors’ IP addresses from your network logs, run these on a tool like https://ip-geolocation.whoisxmlapi.com/bulk-gui, which can provide the location information of up to 100,000 users with one query. As a result, you can get the top countries, depending on your budget, and have the content translated into their local languages.

You can also go a step further and use the local currency on each translated page. That way, customers won’t feel frustrated when they realize they are paying more for products than they anticipated, possibly due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Follow the Seasons and Local Holidays

Not every country has four seasons, some only have two. And even for those with the same number of seasons, their timing would be different. Summer in the U.S. and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, which happens in June each year, coincides with winter in Australia and the countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Tropical countries, meanwhile, don’t experience winter at all.

The number of seasons a country has determines the kinds of clothes, for instance, that a store should sell. An e-commerce site catering to the U.S., therefore, wouldn’t do well selling winter clothes in June.

Apart from seasons, countries differ in terms of holidays as well. Take Thanksgiving as an example. Thanksgiving in the U.S. is typically celebrated in November. By then, Canada has already finished its own celebration a month earlier.

Using a bulk IP lookup tool on website visitor logs and understanding users’ locations can help you follow every customer’s season and holidays. That should make browsing and consequent purchasing easier for them.

Instantly Give Shipping Information

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It can be frustrating for customers to take time browsing through products and filling their carts only to find out that some or even all of the items can’t be delivered to their locations or that delivery would cost them extra.

Setting delivery fees and making them appear instantly on pages for the customers’ benefit is another way to personalize your site. A bulk IP lookup tool can give the information about your users’ locations that your developer needs to make that possible. That way, you won’t waste visitors’ time and effort and end up frustrating them in the end.

Improve Page Loading Speed

IP geolocation data gleaned from bulk IP lookups can give companies insights into the type of connection each user has. For instance, if he is using mobile data to visit a website, IP geolocation data would indicate the connection type as “mobile.”

This information helps you optimize your website for the type of connection the customer is on, and, as a result, ensure fast loading times.

Website users tend to prefer fast-loading sites. In fact, the slower a website loads, the lower the conversion rate would be, according to a study by Portent. According to the same study, the ideal page loading time is between 0 and 4 seconds.

Improving User Experience through Web Personalization

Source: clearbit.com

One of the essential benefits of web personalization is improved user experience (UX). Personalization makes website visitors feel connected to a business and that a website was designed specifically for them. And when UX is good, customers become comfortable and are more likely to move along the buying journey with the brand.

For example, consider two online shopping sites that offer the same products:

  • Shop A shows everything, from tabs to product names and descriptions, in your language and prices in your local currency. It also automatically displays products that ship to your country.
  • Shop B’s product names, descriptions, and tabs are all in English, and the prices are in U.S. dollars only. Regardless of delivery locations, all products are displayed, so you have to read a product description to see if it can be shipped to your country.

Most customers would prefer to buy products from Shop A since it provides good and intuitive UX.

The strategies discussed in the previous section—showing content and products in the customer’s language and currency, automatically displaying delivery fees based on the detected location, offering seasonal products and promotions, and improving page loading time—are just some ways to personalize your customers’ website experience and improve UX.

The customization strategies mentioned above are only four ways by which you can grow a customer base that’s satisfied with your customer service. Bulk IP lookup tools can also help you realize others like geotargeting and geofencing.

Besides that data obtained through bulk IP lookups can also provide other important insights for businesses and organizations. It has several cybersecurity applications, and can also be used for fraud detection, regulatory compliance, and more.