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7 Thoughtful Corporate Gifts for Employees

by Tracy Finke

It’s been an eventful and extremely trying few years for both employees and businesses alike. While we can now begin to plan forward and return to some form of normality, it’s important to remember the contributions of your employees to keep your business running smoothly.

When it comes to surprising and rewarding members of your team, it doesn’t matter what the occasion may be. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for a long-term employee about to retire, a birthday in the office, or just a kind gesture to thank your staff for a job well done, the smallest of gifts can make all the difference in the workplace.

Are you looking for a thoughtful corporate gift to show your employees how much they mean to you? No problem! From a branded notepad to a luxury hamper, there are a lot of gifts that’ll make your staff feel extra special and your workplace hum with happiness! You can find branded notepads right here!

1. A Team Meal

Source: eatfirst.com

Sitting down for a good time and some delicious food is one of the most tried and tested ways to show your appreciation. Not only this, but a team meal at a place like EOKitchen.com  helps to build better team relationships!

Everyone loves to dress smart and enjoy a sit-down meal away from their place of work. It’s the ultimate combination of bonding, indulging, and rewarding staff at the same time!

To make it feel a little more thoughtful, be sure to discuss any dietary restrictions with your team. It’s also a nice gesture to look into a location that’s easily commutable for all involved. With a little effort, your team will be well-fed and feel appreciated by your business.

2. Luxury Food Hampers

Source: charlottestories.com

Give your staff something to take home with a sample of luxury food items in a hamper! This thoughtful gift is certain to make your employees smile.

With a wide range of hampers available, you can give out cheese hampers, chocolate hampers, or even a hamper of good wines for some weekend relaxation. If you’re looking to make it even more thoughtful and personalized, why not mix and match? Fill each hamper with a selection of sweet and savory goods as an extra special thank you.

3. Gift Vouchers

While it may seem like a simple token gesture, good vouchers are like gold dust. Vouchers for outlets like Amazon are guaranteed to please staff, who can then buy whatever they like with it!

Are you unsure about vouchers and feel they’re a little impersonal? Make a little change by gifting vouchers from local outlets and restaurants. Better yet, take each employee’s hobbies and passions into account. Do you have a bookworm on your hands? Book vouchers are perfect! A connoisseur of good food? Some fine dining vouchers will work perfectly.

There’s no limit to your choices here. Convenient, thoughtful, and personalized gifts? That’s the ideal combination!

4. A Self Care Bundle

source: unsplash.com

What better way to show that your company cares than giving your team a selection of healthcare goodies to take home after a long week?

You can include anything from bath bombs and scented candles to herbal teas for that extra special touch to your corporate gift. Other thoughtful items like mud face masks and body scrubs will leave employees feeling refreshed, relaxed, and most important of all – appreciated.

5. Branded Stationery

Corporate gifts don’t have to be large and wild gestures to be seen as a thoughtful staff present. Personalized and branded stationery around the office can make the workplace feel more of a second home than a daily grind.

Whether it’s a personalized notepad or a drinks container with images and logos from team outings and other special occasions, branded stationery is a constant reminder to the entire office how much you value them as individuals and as a team.

For a little more creativity, why not get some pens and pencils made up with some private office jokes or commonly used workplace sayings?

6. A Monthly Coffee Subscription

source: unsplash.com

For the caffeine addicts in your place of work, there’s plenty of fine roasts and new aromas to sample with a gift of monthly coffee beans. One of the most wonderful parts of a monthly service gift is that it constantly offers new choices and ranges to try.

If you want your workers full of beans and feeling ready to take on the world come Monday morning, this could be the perfect gift!

7. A Framed Picture of a Special Day

Source: photobox.co.uk

This gift idea is ideal for retiring staff members or to simply commemorate an important day in your employee’s history with the company.

Did they win employee of the month? Is there an old picture of a Christmas party from years ago that you’ve uncovered? Maybe you just happened to get a picture of them with their family during a social work function.

Either way, a framed picture is a constant reminder of a wonderful memory that can sit proudly at their desk or be taken home as a thoughtful gift. In a modern workplace full of computers, fast-moving images, and selfies, this gesture will not be forgotten by any grateful member of your team.

In the end, whatever you choose to express your gratitude to your members of staff, the only thing that really matters is showing them you see how hard they work and want them to know how vital they are to your team.

If your employee works remotely or even abroad, you also can express gratitude using an online flower delivery service like MyGlobalFlowers. You can send flowers and gifts around the globe.

We spend more time in the workplace than we do with our friends and family. Sometimes it’s small gestures with consideration for others that can turn a place of work into a second family for your staff. Consider one of these 7 corporate gift ideas the next time you want to give your team a little boost, and you’ll soon be rewarded with an employee who feels respected and cared for in their everyday lives.