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Comparison of the Best Broadband Deals

by Nina Smith

For over a long time, the UK has been the top provider of broadband services, having most of the present broadband services worldwide located in the country. This is clear that most or even all the British in the region enjoy fast internet at affordable prices. Broadband services have been noticed to have begun long before we lived, that is in the 17th centuries. Even though it was not as developed and faster as it is right now, it offered similar services just like recently but in post offices.

The broadband services offer internet access that is mostly used in communication purposes, mailing and other telecommunications. However, it has come to the realization that much can be done with the internet connection rather than communication; people can now stream online and also play games online. These activities require a lot of data or strong internet connection and this is where the broadband services intervene.

The broadband deals offer strong internet connection at very high speed to be able to cater for any activity being carried out. There are different broadband services each having different special deals and offers. This article mainly focuses on comparing the different deals that are offered by different broadband deals. After the course of the study we will come to know which broadband to choose.

Comparison on internet speed

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When it comes to internet speed, the Virgin Broadband is noted to have the fastest speed of all the other providers of broadband. By being the best means that from the cheapest to the most expensive package, the speed offered is quality and responsibly great. The least of all packages offers a speed of about 50Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads (M50 Fibre Broadband) while the greater package offers an upload and download speed of 35Mbps and 516Mbps respectively. This is accompanied by a bundle from Virgin Media that comprises a package of TV, landline calls and mobile SIM cards.

The BT broadband is the commonly used service in the UK for the longest time possible. It offers speeds from 36-150Mbps. It has the cheapest package offering internet speeds of 36Mbps-the Fibre Essential and the greatest speed of 67Mbps-the Fibre 2.

Vodafone broadband provides a speed of approximate 35-63Mbps. During installation and signing in of Vodafone broadband there are two different options one has to look into. The first option is the superfast that provides a speed of 35Mbps where the users are guaranteed a usage of 25Mbps as the minimum and a cash back if not satisfied. The second package is the Superfast 2, offering internet speed averaged 63Mbps in addition to streaming and gaming of high quality.

In the sky broadband the internet speed varies due to the different options available. There is the Sky Superfast broadband that offers a speed of about 59Mbps and the Sky Essential broadband providing speed of 11Mbps. There is also the Sky Ultrafast broadband that has been newly introduced that provides a speed of average 145Mbps; this is however possible to use for a great number of household devices.

The Plusnet broadband was first taken by the BT broadband but later came to operate on its own. The speeds are however not fast as the others but since they are cheap the speed offered becomes directly proportional. The simplest broadband package offers an average of 10Mpbs on download (ADSL Broadband) while the fibre broadband package can have a speed of about 36-66Mbps at an average.

Comparison on deals offered

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Apart from the internet speed, there are other deals that are offered by the broadband providers.

BT broadband being the widespread broadband provider in the country is expected to have the best deals. This is however true since unlike the other broadband services, BT offers storage of 200GB where you can store your important files. The minimum contracting terms go for as long as 24 months which is not ideal in other broadband services. Add-ons such as sports, movie and gaming packages can be added and allowance to use about 5 million of the BT Wi-Fi hotspots in the country.

Virgin broadband is the renowned broadband service in the UK. It offers wide varieties of services and deals on mobiles and phones and TVs plus, a minimum contracting term of 18 months. Other than that, the providers offer free calls in the evenings and weekends in each and every package. It also comprises the Virgin Media Free Super Hub. It is possible to add other features if you need to on the packages installed.

In Vodafone broadband, there is a unique feature that is offered, a protection software that the providers offer a free 6-month trial-the F-secure SAFE. A minimum contracting term of 18 months, and a Wi-Fi guarantee if there is a malfunction of the internet connection.

Source: vodafone.co.uk

The sky broadband is quite popular in the UK thus has a variety of features from a contracting term of 18 months to add-ons that can be added on your preference. Features come hand in hand with deals on mobile, TVs and phones. It is possible to access the TV from anywhere using an app from the broadband, the Sky Go app.  A customer is also viable to award winning in this type of broadband. In addition, switching of packages in the broadband is regarded.

Although the speeds provided by the Plusnet Broadband are low, the prices are affordable. This allows anyone to freely access the internet even though you will not be able to enjoy other services such as gaming and streaming. Plusnet broadband does not offer contracting terms. In Contrary, there are customer support who are always available when any issue arises. If the network is not working as expected then it is easier to contact and get a fast reply on how to deal with the case. In addition, the providers engage the customers with a team where the winning customers are awarded. It was however recognized to be the best provider in customer service.

Final Remarks

Among all the broadband services the best comparable deals are the BT and the Virgin Broadband. This is because they provide the best of deals and high internet speeds and features are quite similar. However, the Virgin Broadband is realized to be the best, not only that it is cheap but the fact that it can provide very high internet speed at the same time. Despite BT being the most native provider, most of its packages are a bit more expensive than corresponding virgin broadband. Therefore, the best broadband provider is the Virgin Media broadband.