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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Breed for Your Personality

by Ingeborg

Thinking of getting a kitty? For months, you talked to your family about the benefits of living with a cat and the joys it could bring to your life. Together, you watched photos and videos of adorable cats and read various researches on how cats reduce stress and their spinning heals.

Finally, you all agreed that one will become a new member of the family. However, this is only the first item on the list that you can cross out. Choosing the right cat breed can sometimes be a real challenge. Their unpredictable temperament can give you more headaches than pleasure if you don’t get well-informed before purchasing.

Compared to dogs, where you can’t go wrong with whichever breed you choose, with kitties you can’t immediately know which one would be ideal for you and your family.


Among other things, there’s a large number of questions that you have to answer yourself related to the adaptation of the kitten to the family, the presence of the animal in everyday life, the costs of the appropriate care, and other aspects that need to be understood.

Talk to breeders. From them, you can learn a lot about the characteristics of individual races that could help you decide. The Internet and magazines can also be a good source of information. So don’t close the tab and learn how to choose the perfect cat according to your personality.

1. Personality quiz


As you sit and think about the breed you can choose, you might help yourself by doing a personality quiz. Believe it or not, quizzes like this can be very useful. Through quizzes about a cat’s personality, you can gain an easier insight into which one would best match yours.

Various brands on the Internet that support the breeding of these soft little creatures publish internet tests that can help you. The authors thus suggest different races with different characteristics, some of which you may not have even heard of, and now you can understand that some of them would be perfect for you and your lifestyle.

2. A kitten or a cat?


First of all, it’s very important to decide whether you want to adopt a kitten or a cat. The personality of a cat, similar to that of a child, can be shaped by the way it’s raised. If you decide to adopt one, you need to decide if you want to play a role in the development of its personality or you don’t have time for that and you would just like to choose the one who’s already trained and who already has a built personality.

By opting for the first option, you will allow the little kitten to grow in your family and become a real member. You will be able to teach it habits that will be in line with the habits of the whole family. However, this brings great responsibility, as well as a bunch of free time that you will dedicate to its upbringing. Otherwise, similar to a spoiled child, the kitten will behave as it wants, which means a lot of damage and problems.

On the other hand, adult cats are already character-shaped and have certain traits that you will either like or not. Such cats are more resourceful and trained to survive in harsh conditions, so they can be hyperactive and sometimes more aggressive. However, if they spend enough time with you, it’s not too late for them to calm down and get tamed!

3. Affectionate vs ungrateful


If you thought all kitties were indifferent to humans, you were wrong. Actually, some can be very friendly and likable. An animal can sometimes be a better friend to you than a human, and in order to build a special connection with each other, there needs to be a kind of special relationship between you two.

Among the different breeds of cats at catorcat.com, there’s no doubt that it’s possible to spot some that do have these traits. In the sea of ​​those who are said that no matter how much love you give them, they will never be able to reciprocate in the right way, there are also those who are more loving. Therefore, if loyalty and gratitude are what you love, you know what to do.

Kitty lovers recommend Sphynx. Due to the lack of body hair, they are often looking for a warm touch and constant sources of heat and they are actually quite cute creatures who love contact with people. Of course, they look creepy to many and that’s why they bypass Sphynx, and if you’re one of those you can opt for someone else like Tonkinese, Ragdoll, or Scottish Fold.

4. Active vs lazy


There are so many ways in which your pets can be the perfect partners in everyday actions. Energetic people who are used to spending their days actively, when they lack the company, often turn to pets. And while dogs are frequent candidates for situations like this, we can increasingly see people walking in the park with their cats or playing.

They don’t necessarily represent an obligation that will keep you at home. Whatsoever, pet-friendly cafes where animal lovers gather are becoming increasingly popular. Besides that, kitties are provided with a place to play, as well as food containers.

For all travel enthusiasts, airlines have also provided flights for pets. In such cases, you will need a more active kitty because you’ll hardly be able to make the lazy one do this every time. They won’t resist long walks and long journeys. The most active is the Siberian species, the Turkish Angora, and the American Shorthair.

5. Independence vs obligation?


In some situations, you will want to leave both family and pets at home and go to a coffee gossip party with a friend. Or sometimes you will want to see a friend or a family member who is afraid of animals, allergic to fur, or just doesn’t like them. In such cases, it would be good to leave your pet at home.


Consider adopting a kitty that will have no problem being left alone from time to time and that will be able to cope without you. Undoubtedly, they need you, especially if they are smaller, but it is important that they don’t oblige you too much and that you can enjoy life unhindered.


Before signing the adoption documents, try not to pay attention only to the physical appearance, the color of the fur, eyes, or paws, but think a little wider. Consider the personality of the kitten as well as all the character traits and you will know best which one matches you and which could become a member of the family.