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What To Consider When Choosing Lehenga Choli For A Party

by Tracy Finke

Lehenga choli is a traditional Indian outfit every woman wants to have in their closet. The attire has changed over time, and you can find different designs to wear at modern-day parties and occasions. It is worth noting that the Indian outfit is available in different designs suitable for different events and parties. Top designers and brands work hard to satisfy customers’ demand for refined lehenga choli designs ideal for their body sizes, shapes, and personality.

So with many Lehenga choli designs, you might have a challenge choosing the right one to wear when attending a party. But we have researched and compiled various things you should keep in mind when selecting the outfit. Read on for more details.

Choose Something Comfortable

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When you go to a party, you are ready to enjoy some music on the dance floor. Additionally, you are likely to move a lot during the event as you interact with different people and build your network. As a result, you should choose a comfortable lehenga choli that allows you to dance and move freely.

Also, for you to have a good time at any party, be it a wedding or reception party, you should feel comfortable in what you wear. So besides choosing a lehenga that allows free movement, you should choose something comfortable and fitting. The material you choose should be soft and allow you to breathe freely. Don’t choose something that is too tight, limiting your movement, breathing, and comfort. So take your time to select a lehenga made of comfortable, flexible fabric.

Is the Outfit Fitting?

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Before you choose a lehenga outfit for a party, you need to ask yourself whether the preferred outfit fits you perfectly or not. Many people choose a lehenga based on its appearance at the shop but forget to consider how the attire looks on them. Many of them end up buying a beautiful lehenga that is ill-fitting. So when they wear such an outfit, they look awkward.

You can avoid that mistake by trying the lehenga before you buy it or buy Lehenga choli from Fabricoz who provide custom stitching tops to fit any size. This will ensure you have perfectly fitting Indian wear. However, if you buy the attire online, you must ensure you know your correct body measurements to order what fits you correctly.

It is also important to try the outfits a few days before the event. You might have added or lost some weight. If you find that you have overgrown or lost some weight, you should take the outfit to your tailor or designer for readjustment. That will ensure you wear a perfectly fitting lehenga choli at that big party.

Wear a Dupatta or Jacket?

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You can style your party lehenga choli in different unique ways. The most obvious way is draping a dupatta around the shoulders or in any other style. The other option is wearing a beautiful jacket. If it is too cold, you can wear both.

If you want to look more traditional, you should wear a beautiful dupatta. The dupatta can resemble your choli or lehenga. Alternatively, it can have some prints and colors that show some uniformity. You may also choose a scarf with completely different prints, embellishments, and colors that complement your party outfit. A dupatta will also be essential if you don’t want to show too much skin. You may also need it to hide those extra pounds on your belly.

A jacket comes in handy if you want to look more westernized and unique at any party. It also provides warmth during cold days and nights. So, if the party is held in winter, wearing a jacket on top of your lehenga outfit is a good option.

Jewelry You Intend to Wear

In most cases, people choose jewelry after wearing an outfit. But in rare cases, people choose jewelry first and then select the attire later. This happens when one wants to showcase their jewelry collection at a party or event.

If you want to flaunt your jewelry at an upcoming party, you should choose a short-sleeved choli with a deeper neckline design. That allows you to wear more bangles and beautiful necklaces. With such a design, you can wear your most expensive necklace and bangles, and people will see them during the party. Most guests will respect and admire you as a result.

Any Recommended Design/Color by Organizers?

Some organizers recommend certain lehenga designs and colors guests should wear when attending their parties. If you are attending such a party and don’t have a memo of what is to be worn, you will look odd. So, before you select a lehenga to wear to a party, first find out if there are recommended designs and theme colors guests should adhere to. If there is, stick to it. If they don’t have one, then wear a unique lehenga choli to make a statement at the party.

Prevailing Weather Conditions

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This is a key factor many people fail to consider when selecting party lehenga choli. If the party is happening on a warm or hot day, you should wear a lightweight lehenga outfit with a net dupatta. On the other hand, if the party is happening during the cold days of the year, consider wearing a warm, heavy lehenga outfit. If it is too cold, remember to complete your look with a jacket.

Final Words

There are many Indian parties and occasions you can attend throughout the year. You must look decent and beautiful for every party, so you should wear an Indian lehenga choli. This ethnic outfit comes in unique designs ideal for women of all body shapes and sizes.

Additionally, different lehenga styles available are suitable for different parties and events. So when picking a party lehenga choli, you should choose one that suits your shape, size, and personality. Also, consider the above things, and you will select a perfect outfit.