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Buying Guide for the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpet

by William Gist

The popularity of shag carpet was at a peak in the 1970s whose trend declined and almost became rarely visible among people. In recent years, the shag carpet trend is on the verge of a revival. Despite their expensive price tags, they are fun and glamorous.

Just like most of the glamorous things in the world demand from us, shag carpets require huge care and maintenance. Their cost and maintenance requirements can cause many people to lose interest in owning a shag carpet. But thanks to the technological advancement of the 21st century, you can now own a shag carpet and also maintain it without having to put much effort into its maintenance.


If you’re someone who is planning to own a shag carpet but have no idea about how to take care of it then this article can be helpful to you. BUT that does not mean that the shag carpet owners cannot benefit from reading this article, you will learn the things that you have been doing wrong for a long time and also learn which vacuum cleaner would be best for shag carpet according to VacuumsAdvicor.

Adjustable suction system:


Shag carpets require powerful suction so that the underlying dust and debris can be pulled with ease. However, if the suction is too powerful then it poses a risk on the shag and might even tear it. The trick is to choose a vacuum cleaner that has an option to adjust the suction. But keep in mind that vacuum cleaners with weak suction cannot get your cleaning tasks done.

Weight of the vacuum cleaner:

Locomotion of the vacuum becomes a great issue when the weight of your vacuum cleaner is very heavy. Vacuum’s wheel can easily get stuck in the fibers of the carpet if it is very heavy. However, light-weighted vacuums are also no good for your shag carpet since they are usually less powerful. Our guide is to buy a medium-weighted vacuum with the adjustable suction system (around 7-pound weight is great). The presence of soft brush roll in the vacuum is also great, even better if it has a switch in it.

Wheels of the vacuum cleaner:


The size of the wheels should also be in your consideration when you buy a vacuum cleaner. Small wheels are no good for your shag carpet since they can easily get stuck in the fibers. Buy a vacuum that has larger wheels so that it doesn’t get stuck in the cleaning process. Also, if you have hardwood floors then buy vacuums with rubber wheels, in that case, you have to use the vacuum for the cleaning of both.

Adjustable heights:


You must choose a vacuum which has the feature of adjusting heights according to your need. Not-adjustable vacuums can give serious strains to you physically. Buy a vacuum with a well adjustable vacuum and keep your back safe and sound.

Cleaning mechanism:

Have a close look at the mechanism of cleaning of your vacuum. If your vacuum’s cleaning mechanism is very high from the surface, then it will fail to remove any embedded debris or dirt. Having a low setting will leave your carpet with a fuzzy look. Also, make sure that the beater bar in your vacuum is turned off, it is even better to buy a vacuum without the beater bar.

The above-mentioned tips can get the help you in most of the cases while cleaning a shag carpet. However, extra cares must be taken for your lifestyle. Keeping a pet at home, unusual messes created from your kids, etc. demand additional cares from your cleaning. You can find specialized vacuum cleaners for specific purposes in the vacuum stores. But new features should not compromise any of the above-mentioned guidelines for the perfect cleaning.