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5 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle Charger

by Nina Smith

It is hard to imagine a person in today’s world that does not have a vehicle. Towns are becoming bigger and bigger. Because of that, people don’t have time to go to every place by a walk. Of course, the car is the most popular type of vehicle in all parts of the globe. Yet, the more essential thing about cars is their technological improvement.

Technology is making progress almost every day. The experts want to make the lives of all generations more comfortable. However, their goal is to protect the environment from any potential damage as well. Because of that, electric vehicles are becoming the number one choice for many people.

The good news is that people understand the benefits electric cars can bring to their lives. Yet, driving an electric vehicle is also a responsible thing. You need to take care of many things that traditional cars do not require. That especially counts when we talk about electric vehicle chargers.

Owners of electric cars should install an electric vehicle charger. In that way, they will make their driving experience more comfortable. Fortunately, there are many websites like 50five¬†where you can gather more information about the costs of that move. Despite that, you should also get familiar with things to consider when buying an electric vehicle charger. That is something we would like to talk about in this article. We will highlight the most essential ones that will help you make the right decision in the end. Let’s find them out together.

1. Understand the Different Types of Charging

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You need to understand that charging is not the same for all vehicles. Buying the wrong charger will not meet your requirements and it will only take your money.

The first type of charging is Level 1 Charging. Many people will agree it is the most basic type. You only need to plug the electric vehicle into a household electric outlet, and your job is done here. However, you also need to know which capacity these chargers have. A one-hour charge will allow you to drive almost five miles. In other words, that would mean that a 24-hour charge will let you drive your vehicle for around 22 hours. That means this type of charging is not good for people that plan to travel long distances.

The next option you have is Level 2 charging. The type of charging uses 240 volts of power and that is the reason why you will manage to complete the process quicker. Yet, it also requires some additional components. For instance, you will have to install the EVSE unit. That is a unit that supports this type of charging. However, you should also know it is a bit more expensive.

In the end, the third option you have is the DC Fast Charging. Just like the name says, you will manage to charge your vehicle most quickly. It is a great option for people that plan to travel long distances. For instance, after 30 minutes of charging, they will get the chance to pass 170 miles. We are sure many people will like to have an opportunity like that. The reason why DC Fast Charging is effective is direct current. Other types of charging are using the alternating current which slows down the charging process.

2. Get Familiar with Connectors and Plugs

Here come another essential part that electric car owners should know. Not all vehicles use the same type of plug. Purchasing an inappropriate will be a huge mistake. There are three types of plugs people should know about.
Tesla is one of the most popular creators of electric vehicles in the world. Fortunately, it does not require any unusual type of connector. The owners of Tesla vehicles can use the standard ones.

When we talk about people in the United States, they need to meet some other requirements. More precisely, the plug type they need to have is SAE J1772. Still, there is one additional piece of advice we need to say. You won’t manage to use this type of plug for DC fast charging. It is only suitable for AC level 1 and level 2 charging.

Finally, the third type of plug that exists on the market is CHAdeMO. It is a great option for drivers that want to use the opportunity for DC fast charging. Toyota, Fuji, and Nissan electric vehicles are some of those that are using them.

3. Get Familiar with Length of Cables

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Keep in mind that the length of electric vehicle cables is not the same. There are many reasons why you should be careful about this part. It is recommendable for the buyers to choose the chargers with the longest cables. More precisely, they should all be between 20 and 25 feet long. These cables are the more convenient ones. However, that doesn’t mean you should strictly follow that rule. Different vendors are selling cables at different lengths. Because of that, we recommend you check which one will meet your requirements and expectations.

4. Plan Where You Will Place Your Charger

Before spending your money, you need to determine where you will place your charger. There is a simple reason why we tell you this. Not all the models are designed to be indoors. On the other hand, others can only be situated outdoors. The second type needs to be mounted on a pole or wall. Because of that, choose the place the will fully suit your requirements.

5. Check the Electricity Rates

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For the end of this article, we need to highlight one essential thing. All the owners need to know there are special electricity rates. You will often hear people naming them the Time of Use rate program. When you know those rates, you will easily determine the costs your new vehicle requires. That will allow you to organize your budget properly. It is not a secret that a lack of cash flow is a problem for many owners.

Final Thought

Checking these five things before spending your money will help you make the right final decision. Choose the best type of charging and purchase the right type of plug for your needs. If you apply the tips from the list, you can be sure that driving the electric vehicle is going to be amazing