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Bitcoin Mining Versus Buying, Which Is Better?

by Nina Smith

There is an increase in goods and services over time. This is called inflation. In earlier days, people used to invest in gold and use it during the time of inflation. But now, people are investing in Bitcoins. Bitcoins are nothing but a digital wallet. It is not a coin or a handful of money. It is a popular cryptocurrency. Before five to seven days, no one knew about cryptocurrency. But now, most people know about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most popular among them. Today there are 100 million Bitcoin users, and more than tens of thousands in the world accept Bitcoins. 

Bitcoins in India

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In India, Bitcoins are now getting more and more popular day in and day out. There is no such law in India that prohibits buying or selling Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in a digital wallet application. People can send Bitcoins to other people’s wallets and even people can receive Bitcoins from other people’s wallets. Every single transaction is recorded and is called a blockchain. Bitcoin is nothing but a decentralized peer-to-peer network. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the people in India have to do work from home jobs. Some became jobless. So, getting a lot of time, people have tried some innovative and new things. Some have invested in cryptocurrency. They started buying Bitcoin. It will give them new opportunities. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. Now one Bitcoin is equivalent to 37, 16,023.65 in Indian rupees. Bitcoins are otherwise an investment vehicle. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoins exchange in India

Bitcoins exchange in India is quite simple. Bitcoin exchange India is not a tedious job. There are so many websites that are providing Bitcoin trading services. Those websites use a technology that is capable of doing millions of transactions. They provide a smooth transaction in Androids, windows, and MAC applications. The people those who don’t have laptops then even can do Bitcoin transaction in mobile. Those websites are convenient to use. They are trustworthy. With the help of those websites, one can sell and buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without any third party… Those platforms are user-friendly. These platforms are good for both beginners and those who are doing daily transactions by these websites. Cryptocurrency exchanges are similar to that of the stock market.

Buy bitcoin in India is not a hard nut to crack. The transactions are digital. But, it is very simple to use. To buy Bitcoins, one has to go to the play store, and there are several applications available for a cryptocurrency exchange in India as Wazirx. One can choose any of them. The user needs to download it and fill the KYC form. He needs to fill in all the basic details. After filling in all the details, he needs to add some money to that application. He can add the money by debit card, credit card, or UPI id. After adding money, the user can buy Bitcoins with that money and even can sell Bitcoins whenever he desires to sell. Even one can buy bitcoins by investing one hundred rupees.

What is Bitcoin mining?

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Bitcoin mining has also become another source of income for the people. The miner needs to add a successful block of transactions to the blockchain network, and he is rewarded with new bitcoins. On average, in every ten minutes, one miner successfully adds transactions and in return earns Bitcoin. Miners get payment for verifying the legitimacy of Bitcoin transactions. They get paid for their work just like auditors. But, mining involves high complexity. It is not easy to do mining as it involves a very complex process. So, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers which solve complex math problems. Those problems cannot be solved by hand. Bitcoin mining is done for two reasons. The first reason is when the computer solves complex problems; a new bitcoin is produced. Secondly, bitcoin miners make the Bitcoin payment trustworthy. Whenever someone is paying money to another person, it is called a transaction, and the record is kept by the bank. Similarly, Bitcoin miners clump the transactions and add them in a public record called the blockchain. The nodes maintain the record of these blocks, and they are verified in the future.

What is the Mining Process?

Although the procedure is straightforward, it could be abused if there are no safeguards in place.

As a result, mining is limited to unconfirmed transactions. The nodes are spread out through a network similar to a Peer-2-Peer file-sharing network after the miners mark the transactions as valid.

Any time a miner makes one of these confirmed transactions, a node must add it (the legal transaction) to its database, then added to the blockchain.

Advantage of Bitcoin mining

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Bitcoin mining has several benefits. Unlike conventional banks, which can freeze your savings, you still have complete control over your Bitcoins. If you lose your private key, you will lose this. Cryptocurrency’s other highlights include:

  • Impossibility to forge
  • Reduced fees
  • Everybody has access to it.
  • Immediate payment
  • Abolition of identity fraud

You just don’t need to worry about anyone stealing the RFID details from your credit or debit card at the checkout if you use crypto-currency.

Bitcoin Mining in the Future:

Mining digital currency is still a relatively new phenomenon that will take time to gain acceptance in a society where many people are accustomed to paying in cash.

Most people don’t even carry cash anymore, preferring instead to use a credit card when you think about it. As a result, the first step toward a cashless society has been taken.

When people learn how to make real money and receive tangible goods in exchange for their use of Bitcoins, it has become an accepted part of society.


Buying Bitcoins is quite easy and simple. Even ordinary people with little computer knowledge can invest in Bitcoin and use it in the near future. But Bitcoin mining is very complex. It requires a lot of computer knowledge and expertise. So, it is better to buy Bitcoins.